Pseudo Random News and Comment

As I often say, you are the only thing over which you have real control. How To Deal With Crappy People, PART TWO  has some great advice on using that to deal with the inevitable.

Is General Intelligence Compatible with Evolutionary Psychology? Very interesting piece on general intelligence. It does seem to exist, despite what you may think.

The New King of Hawaii   I think most likely both residents and Ellison will end up unpleasantly surprised.

CNN journalist: don’t be nosy  Although pieces like this CNN fawning bootlicker’s are disgusting what has bothered me more in the last decade is that nobody tries to hide their evil any longer. Nixon had a lot of dirty tricks but tried hard to hide them, and ultimately had to resign when some of those deeds came to light. The response in the last decade has become near complete indifference to being discovered because they no longer have reason to fear any consequences, and mainstream journalists seem to take pride that they are the ones chosen to dispense the party line.

Half of inhaled diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs: study  I feel sorry for people in Beijing and elsewhere with similarly enhanced air.

Exercise is key in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Diet made little difference.

Ray Dalio: Don’t Assume That Germany Will Bail Europe Out; Consider The “Fat Tail” A Significant Possibility  I’d say very significant. The more the losers stick together and refuse to go, the more sense it makes for Germany to exit.

Fiat Money Kills Productivity  Numbers, like these, don’t prove cause and effect in economics but this is something long predicted by Austrian theory of the business cycle.

Stockton CA Files Bankruptcy, Largest City Ever; Unions and Pension Promises Primarily to Blame; Death Trap for Cities; What’s the Solution?  Sure took them long enough.

Falling Dominoes  Another shell game with credit explodes. Yet credit shell games remain popular, and nearly unquestioned, in the EU and elsewhere.


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