Pseudo Random News and Comment

Record radiation levels detected at Fukushima reactor  But they’ve already said everything is OK, and that should be enough since there are things we shouldn’t question, according to many in the media.

Geckos evolved sticky feet many times | Not Exactly Rocket Science  If Nature enforced IP and copyright there would be a lot of dead lizards, and probably everything else too.

Informed Consent and Placebo Effects: A Content Analysis of Information Leaflets to Identify What Clinical Trial Participants Are Told about Placebos  Inadequate information about placebos may be defeating the purpose of using them in studies by minimizing the effects.  One guess whether this is a problem in psychiatric drugs.

Avoiding unforced errors in investing  Praise for investment mediocrity.

Americans favor Obama to defend against space aliens: poll  Why? Not that it matters because the reasons for voting for one versus another are all equally ridiculous.

First Is Best  In getting chosen.

Swimming Exercise Prevents Fibrogenesis in Chronic Kidney Disease by Inhibiting the Myofibroblast Transdifferentiation  Interesting result. I’ve long wondered about alternating very intensive/extensive exercise with complete recovery as a means of recovering function.

Supreme Court has once again ruled in favor of who signs their paychecks. Power. For the next round of bailouts the middleman can now be cut out and people forced to directly pay banks and other losers in the marketplace who know how to win in politics. This must be the bottom for housing since the government can now force you to buy houses. Everything the government could ever do is in some way a tax. The kill list is a tax on your dependents. Discarding principles to get a desired outcome is always the path to ruin.

Sometimes, cheating is allowed  …and sometimes it becomes standard operating procedure.

DNSChanger Trojan Still in 12% of Fortune 500  In a couple of weeks IT graduates will have a much better idea which companies to target in their job search.

London Whale Trade Explodes, Current Estimate of JP Morgan Losses as High as $9 Billion  and that’s this week’s number. I have confidence it can be even more grand.

Good News For Spies and Dictators: ‘FreedomBox’ Is In Danger of an Early Death  If you have the skills, saving the world isn’t a bad use of your time.

PSA of the week: Guest Post: Americans Are Being Prepared For Full Spectrum Tyranny


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