Pseudo Random News and Comment

Get Ready for the New Investment Tax Make plans accordingly. The best response is to have no income at all, but it carries a few downsides.

On The Corrosion of Moral Leadership  “You cannot legislate for moral behavior, but you can make sure that everyone knows what’s right, and what’s not, and set an example.” Nothing funnier than the US complaining about Chinese censorship while working on a kill switch.

Report: Fujii faked data in at least 172 papers  As my dad used to say, if you’re going to do something, do it right. In this case, that attitude is demonstrated by showing a real commitment to fraud.

Rejection of Unfair Offers Can Be Driven by Negative Emotions, Evidence from Modified Ultimatum Games with Anonymity  The markets can be very anonymous and many feel the market is unfair. This study shows how that can lead to very unprofitable decisions.

Positive news from the EZ  It continues to amaze me that people think replicating the US bank bailouts is a positive for wealth creation.

Vital Signs  The importance of fevers, and rationality.  I’ve found just taking one baby aspirin every three days is enough to increase how often I get sick. I try to compensate by raising by body temperature through exercise.

New technique could reduce number of animals needed to test chemical safety Completely ignores genetic variation within species so will assuredly underestimate the risks.

Study of retired NFL players finds evidence of brain damage  Lawyers, start your engines.


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