Pseudo Random News and Comment

This Is Not Your Father’s Broken SOES Bandit Market  I don’t think dark pools and other non-public exchanges are that big of a deal. A price divergence of any size is an arbitrage opportunity and if the proprietors of dark pools choose to restrict HFT and other arbitrage activity it’s only to maximize their own arbitrage activities. To the extent the proprietors are acting as market makers they need to hedge those positions in another market. Leakage will always occur and the greater the spread, the more profitable the leak. There is no such thing as a truly isolated market. It may add a few steps to the information diffusion process, which could blindside some short-term traders, but it still occurs.

Updating Fearful Memories with Extinction Training during Reconsolidation: A Human Study Using Auditory Aversive Stimuli  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere there’s now some actual science behind some of the wacky NLP stuff.

Self help: try positive action, not positive thinking  Excellent piece with some good suggestions, like eating with the non-dominant hand to control how much you eat.

Numbers: The Tricky Mutations in Cancer Cells  A highly targeted therapy is often the holy grail for medicine, but cancer may in fact require more of a shotgun.

Valsartan Improves Adipose Tissue Function in Humans with Impaired Glucose Metabolism: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Double-Blind Trial  It seems more and more like everything impacts everything else. As it should, given that nature is the great economizer, always making more of less.

mTOR Is Essential for the Proteotoxic Stress Response, HSF1 Activation and Heat Shock Protein Synthesis  Another reason my athletic ability has suffered post-transplant.

Measuring the Performance of the Ivy Portfolio

Stocks for the very, very, very long run  The sad thing is research showing the historical importance of dividends has been around seemingly forever, yet it’s only recently that investors have shown much interest (at least since the late 70’s).

The Supreme Court and Natural Law – “the Court declared no federal law unconstitutional from 1937 to 1995”  Wow, didn’t realize it was that bad.

I, Not Robot: Why The Rise Of SkyNet Leads To Automatic Unemployment For The People  The Neo-Luddite view of progress.  I suppose if the terminators don’t understand opportunity cost it could get dangerous, otherwise it’s no more rational than the original Luddite fears.

Stabilizing prices is immoral  Another way of trade switching wins and losses for political gains.


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