Pseudo Random News and Comment

Must Read – Nightmare on Wall Street: This Secular Bear Has Only Just Begun  Long-term the market continues to look more like Japan than the average secular bear. Time may be more than halfway through but the P/E is still on the starting line.

How to Break Into Security, Schneier Edition  More career tips.

A Summary Of Obamacare And What It Means For The Future  A few obvious problems. First, employers subject to the penalty for not providing insurance will be better off paying the penalty and dropping insurance since the penalty is far cheaper than providing coverage in most areas. Second, regardless what is claimed about death panels, something of that sort is inevitable when price is eliminated as the means for rationing care. The bill is a significant move further in that direction so cost pressures will unavoidably lead to some form or bureaucratic decisions about who lives and who dies. Given the unpleasant nature of that job these positions are not likely to be filled by the compassionate over the longer term. I fully expect to be rationed out of existence if no private option exists, as was the case with the Hillary-care bill. A mass exodus of medical talent across the border to Mexico would probably have provided an out, but of course only for those with the money to travel. Third, the bill does nothing to address the onerous role of employers, agencies, and other conflicted third parties in decisions about health care spending. Their interests are never aligned with those of the patients yet the bill does nothing but increase their role. It’s a disaster in the making, with enough unintended consequences to fill a book – and those are just the obvious ones blatantly apparent from the start. Good luck.

‘Self-distancing’ can help people calm aggressive reactions, study finds  I find it quite effective for any unproductive emotion. Another one i like is to simply immerse yourself in the emotion and examine it closely, each aspect of the feeling. Thinking about the feeling at a meta level makes it very difficult to maintain the feeling itself.

There Aren’t Enough Rich People To Tax  The math of this has been obvious for some time. I just assume there are too many political gains to be made to allow math to intrude on the debate.

James Watson, Co-Discoverer Of DNA, Says ‘Patenting Human Genes Was Lunacy’ I concur, though not just due to the negative consequences on research that he points out. The patent applicant also invented nothing, the object of the patent has been in prior use by millions for up to millions of years, and in most cases the applicant doesn’t have a complete understanding of what it does.


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