Pseudo Random News and Comment

Freedom and Frugality  On giving up portions of your life in exchange for stuff. But I may still need some full ceramic bottom bracket bearings.

Does anesthesiology have a problem? Final version of report suggests Fujii will take retraction record, with 172  A stunning total. I don’t think there are significant differences in individual ethics, but there are certainly environments that reward unethical behavior (or worse). If anesthesiology does prove to be more prone to fraud of whatever degree, the key question is what aspects of the profession are rewarding or facilitating it? Superficially it implies the science isn’t all that scientific, somehow lacking in objectivity.

I was just about to do this chart myself because the economy and psychology seem so similar to me. Market Anthropology spared me the trouble. Finding Bernanke – Update

Business as usual – Kim Dotcom: Joe Biden Ordered the Megaupload Shutdown

China is exporting its expertise of ghost-town building  All the fresh, new money has to go somewhere.

I’m A Sloppy Chip. Are You?  It’s OK, in more ways that you might realize.

Cutting calories might help you live longer, but not without increased physical activity  Where did that easy way out go?!

An Oregon County, Due To Budget Cuts, Forced To Release 96 Prisoners, Including 3 Homicide Suspects  As usual the first action in response to budget cuts is to punish citizens in the most painful way possible. Oregon is particularly vengeful in that regard. As one local PDX politician was reported to have said some years ago, “If you have a house and a car you aren’t paying enough taxes.”

23andMe discovers surprising genetic connections between breast size and breast cancer  More than a handful is wasted anyway.

Infection rates unaffected by time to debridement of open fx [fractures]  Just an odd result. The earlier the better has such intuitive appeal.


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