Pseudo Random News and Comment

Antibodies reverse type 1 diabetes in new immunotherapy study  Human immune system is more complex than in mice but still a good result.

Consumer Bankruptcy filings Decrease 13 Percent in First Half of 2012  Probably not a positive for housing.

Child diabetes levels higher in China than in US, study finds  Generations of starvation followed by sudden [relative] abundance is starting to take a toll.

China is not different  A helpful reminder that people, and therefore economics, don’t change just because a great story can be created about it.

The Next Imminent Bailout: Eminent Domain  When government is involved, never bet against stupidity. Desperate times seem to always call for ever more idiotic measures.

OxyContin Being Tested On Kids… So Drugmaker Can Get 6 More Months Of Patent Protection  What’s the problem? It should make them much more docile, if not pleasantly inert. Every parents’ dream come true.

If you like being in debt, there’s no better time to get in over your head. Don’t forget, it’s what your leaders want you to do. Mortgage Rates at Record Lows

Guest Post: The Real-World Middle Class Tax Rate: 75%  I don’t agree that healthcare expenses are taxes any more than food is a tax simply because it’s a necessity. But if you add in all the sales and corporate taxes reflected in the prices of everything you buy the total is still going to be more than 60%.

War Has Deep Roots in Human Nature, But It’s Not Inevitable | The Crux  But only if we actually try to avoid it. Politicians have far too easy a task parlaying inborn xenophobia into militant nationalism when they conspire to conjure up some new threat.

Conflicts of Interest in Dentistry One of the more obvious examples of the effects.

Endowment effect in chimpanzees can be turned on and off: study No clear way to use this to eliminate the endowment effect in trading, but focusing on the probabilistic nature of trading may still help reduce it.

The parenthood paradox: Certain parenting beliefs are detrimental to mothers’ mental health  Caring messes with your head. But I think the most damaging belief of all is, “I want to have a child.”  Once that one takes hold your life is almost over.

Demystifying the immortality of cancer cells  A kill switch of sorts.

China’s censorship battle between the cats and the mice: Michael Anti at TEDGlobal 2012 Substitute US for China and it’s equally compelling.

How Wall Street Scams Counties Into Bankruptcy  Same as it ever was. Until they are allowed to fail it’s going to be a recurring nightmare. Since the central banks are the ones that keep re-animating these corpses, they need to be deep-sixed as well.


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