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10 signs of economic trouble that China’s official data won’t tell  I’m really getting a sick feeling about China. When Macau gambling revenue drops something is really wrong.

Are Banks Raiding “Allocated” Gold Accounts? I normally don’t pay much attention to the ravings of gold bugs but given the track record of fraud in every other aspect of bankster operations this would be par for the course.

University Sues Student For Graduating Too Fast  They should double the amount on his student loan too. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to the other graduates that he isn’t similarly shackled by debt in his career decisions.

Dogs may mourn as deeply as humans do  When I was a kid our dog was raised and grew old with a cat we had who seemed to be ageless. When the cat finally died our dog moped around the house for months with his head hanging, wandering around to all the cat’s usual hangouts. It was a sad sight.

The Four Scariest Charts For Hope-Filled ‘De-Cuppers’  Even scarier would be to look at charts from around Europe after the Dutch Tulip Bubble blew up. Even without trains, planes, automobiles, phones, or internet the world was very firmly coupled 400 years ago. Anyone believing in decoupling in the modern age is smoking crack.

Guest Post: Border Controls Are Back In Europe  No surprise since doping cyclists have been caught this way a number of times in the last decade. Still a very worrisome sign for the future. As the old saying goes, “if people and goods can’t cross borders, armies will.”

GM Finds Creative New Ways To “Stuff Channels”, Get Backdoor Taxpayer Bailouts  and then Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against GM For Channel Stuffing  It will soon be time for the SCOTUS to affirm mandated purchases of GM cars.

There is a piece in the Economist about Banksters, which concludes by saying the lost trust from LIBOR and other scandals needs to be regained. But why? Very few people have taken their money out in the US and UK. Until that happens they have no reason at all to care what people think of them.

Federal Withholding-Tax Collections Decline in Q2  Most disturbing is the trend shown by the trend lines I added to this chart. A dozen years of downhill growth. A great illustration of the damage of credit expansion induced malinvestment. More of the same is only going to make it worse. Of course the numbers could be gamed by increasing government payrolls and claiming everything is great, but that wouldn’t change reality.

Can you hear me now? New strategy discovered to prevent hearing loss  From loud noises at least.

Banks’ risk culture put under microscope in new academic study  Necessary, but not sufficient. Central banks’ main function is to protect banks from the results of their stupidity and that moral hazard is the single largest factor at work.

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