Dendrobates Auratus

I finally saw my first Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus). They were introduced to Manoa Valley in 1932 for mosquito control – which is very unfortunate since from what I’ve read they don’t eat mosquitoes. Geckos have been observed eating their tadpoles and have probably helped keep them under control, but they are apparently doing well now since the one I saw was in a residential area just a few blocks up the valley from the University of Hawaii. Not at all where I expected.

It really makes me wish I could see better. I’m probably missing out on a lot.

***Update*** It’s a veritable invasion. I’ve seen several more in the last few days, including tadpoles in two places in the same area.

***Update 2*** Substituted my own photo since I finally had my dumbphone with me when I saw one.


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