Pseudo Random News and Comment

penny stock ads It seems ridiculous to me that anyone would click on them, let alone act on them. But upon further reflection it’s not as improbable as I would like to believe.

Overweight? There’s a vaccine for that  There must be some happy fast food purveyors reading this.

Trends in Duration of U.S. Unemployment  Yet another chart which highlights the underlying destruction of the US economy caused by continuous credit expansion and bailouts.

Scientists find molecule in immune system that could help treat dangerous skin cancer IL-9

Gaming the System… Disability Edition  No matter how much tough talk there is about fraud in government programs nothing substantive will ever be done because a significant decline in enrollment would lead to budget cuts.

Yellow fever vaccination in organ transplanted patients: is it safe? A multicenter study In a small sample, they got away with it.

HPV vaccine reduces infection, even in unvaccinated  Vector disruption.

The future of cancer therapy?  A glimpse into the future of truly individualized medicine. As I’ve written in a number of posts I trade entirely by feel, and when I think about where medicine could be in a few decades I get the same tremendous feeling of excitement as before a great trade. I hope I make it long enough to see what happens next – and I hope kids today have some sense of the incredible age they are in and excitement for something other than just the next time-wasting app.

Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease and Progression of Disease Over Time among Patients Enrolled in the Houston West Nile Virus Cohort  Another reason to hate mosquitoes.

Big Banks Are Rotten to the Core  “this ain’t capitalism.”  The fact that so many continue to call what the US has capitalism is one of the biggest factors allowing socialism to survive as a viable idea despite a century of obvious disaster and zero rational basis.

Lax gun ownership laws could impact ability of high-risk individuals to purchase firearms  But also allow the rest of us to easily procure weapons to blow their heads off. Criminals may not be the brightest bunch but they still don’t want to take unnecessary risks, and last I checked crime rates were lower in areas with concealed carry and/or high gun ownership.

Study shows Islamist extremists emphasize self-defense, not world domination  Don’t worry about your freedom and security, US foreign policy won’t be altered by this.

Pediatric tumors traced to stem cells in developing brain  Real consequences for treating brain disease but also very likely to be real consequences for stem cell therapies of all types.

Can sounds trick the brain into perceiving your body differently?  Another demonstration that “you” are made up as you go along. All the areas similar phenomena have been demonstrated are to me further support for the idea that consciousness is no different and the conscious self is a similarly ephemeral illusion.

15 top medical organizations agree on hormone therapy use By the time practitioners and insurance companies are on board the consensus will probably have changed again.

Back to Bearish  What a relief! I’m still with the minority.

Signs of coordinated central bank action  There’s really no need for coordination since they only know one answer to any slowing in their favorite garbage numbers, so they will all do the same things with or without talking to each other. The timing is only important in increasing the size of the oscillations. But I suppose that makes it easier to claim to have saved the world on the upside. On the downside they can blame unfettered “capitalism.”

Anxious investors day trading with retirement accounts  I suddenly feel 12 years younger, like it’s 1999. What could be better than that?

“u need to say hi to me”  I like the micropayments business model.


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