Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Hard Problem of Cooperation  So allowing banks to capture regulators and interfering via bailouts to prevent the market from imposing any discipline means they will always be rotten to the core. The same can be concluded of governments since there is nothing imposing or enforcing rules other than the governments themselves.

Lingering With A Decision Breeds More Indecision  I keep being amazed with how many things about the brain work in both directions. Smile and you feel happy; feel happy and you smile. It’s an important decision so you spend a lot of time on it; you spend a lot of time on a decision and it becomes important. In other words, over-thinking decisions can easily lead to excessive stress because everything will assume undue importance.

Better Preparation Could Improve the Quality of Death–and Life–for Terminal Patients  Confirms that the ICU is a bad place to die. Not surprising, since sleep deprivation is one form of torture and it’s very hard to get any sleep in an ICU.

NYPD Put Couple On ‘Wanted’ Poster For Videotaping Police  Where did my Body Count CD go? I feel the need to listen to it again.

Beyond The Bailouts  Fabulous graphic depicting the nature of “public-private partnership” in the US. Fascism is such an ugly word.

The Tour in the mountains: Analysis & discussion  Good analysis as always. They may still be dopers but are now competing at a human level. If the numbers aren’t dropping by week three I’ll still be very suspicious. FYI, Dr Michele Ferrari said Lance needed to be >=6.7 watts/kg to win the Tour – i.e. 8% above human.

Cutting daily sitting time to under 3 hours might extend life by 2 years  OK, it’s time to bring out the stand up desk. Must have been hard to find people who sat less than 3 hours a day to take part in the study. Even construction workers spend at least that much time in front of the TV.

The Big Banks are Amateurs When It Comes to Manipulating Interest Rates  Pointing out the obvious: If LIE-BOR is so bad, then central banks are super villains.

The Bernanke Put ‘Strike’ Is Now At 1200 For The S&P 500  Trying to calculate how the witch doctors will read the chicken entrails. I think it’s based mostly on the level of panic, both in the markets and in the Fed itself.  If their bank masters are feeling the pinch, the Fed will always act.

Alzheimer’s-Related Peptide Amyloid-β Plays a Conserved Role in Angiogenesis  Always thought the Amyloid-β bandwagon was jumped on too quickly. The easy answers in medicine were mostly found in the last century.

The Talent Problem Isn’t Solving Itself, Here’s One Startup’s Campaign to Help  The real issue with these supposed talent shortages is that nobody can really identify talent very well, even in sports where there are objective numbers, so what is said to be a talent shortage is really a shortage of people who have done the exact job before. Since most startups are in industries that didn’t exist a decade ago, there is naturally a shortage of people with 10 years experience that recruiters love so much.

Can Oral Sex Cure Morning Sickness? More importantly, will insurance pay for it if I can get a prescription for it?

Great news for the HFT algo crowd – Computer Watches Humans Play Connect Four, Then Beats Them

First MFG(lobal), Now PFG: Who Is Next?  It might be important to your account. But I thought ZH only wrote worthless drivel. I read that on the internet so it must be true.

Obama’s Tax Plan and Your Portfolio by Joshua M Brown  Over the long-term most of the total return from stocks comes from dividends. Tripling the top tax rate on those returns further diminishes the appeal of stocks, and cripples retirees – which seems to be the favorite pastime of the political class.

Why Do We Say That Someone is “Hot”?  Because they just freaking are, man! More freaky brain stuff. Evolution makes do with what there is. I think I do eat less spicy food when in a stable relationship. Weird.

Multiple pieces of food are more rewarding than an equicaloric single piece of food in both animals and humans So divide [your food] and conquer your overeating.  I really don’t think it works with peanut M&M’s though. Bag size seems to be the controlling variable with those.

Angiotensin II-Induced Mitochondrial Nox4 Is a Major Endogenous Source of Oxidative Stress in Kidney Tubular Cells There has been quite a bit of recent work done in nailing down the reasons for ACE/ARB renal benefits.

Yet Another “Operation Twist”? Brief piece on interest rates and the “pool of real savings.”. Too bad that pool can’t be directly measured.

Transferable knowledge and skills key to success in education and work: report  And how are government-run schools designed to foster docile, unquestioning obedience going to facilitate the skills this says are needed?

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