Pseudo Random News and Comment

Interesting house in Italia. The master bath and bedroom is similar to what I came up with for a remodeling plan recently. Single-Family Residence / Archiplan Studio

The old primates’ club: Even male monkeys ride their fathers’ coattails to success Whether it’s strategy and cooperative behavior or nepotism and cronyism depends on which side of the fence you’re on.

Bravery and drone pilots  I really don’t care if my murderer is brave or not. It’s still murder, whether it’s ordered by god, a president, or a dog. Something many soldiers realize only after the fact. The high suicide rate in the armed forces is likely in part the result of dealing with those “collateral damages.” An excellent book on the subject is: On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

Motherhood, breast-feeding may affect long-term weight  Ignore the prudes, it’s a win all around.

Finding Meaningful Work in a Complex World  The essence of free markets and what it means for finding a job.

NSA Chief Says NSA Doesn’t Need Access To Your Info… As Whistleblowers Say They’re Already Getting It  Nice dissection of the fabric of lies. I didn’t think there was any doubt they were already gathering everything. The issue for a decade has been to have it made legal and eliminate any due process for the victims. That project is, for all intents and purposes, complete.

Individual differences in altruism explained by brain region involved in empathy Now soldiers and brave drone pilots can be further enhanced by destruction of this area. No more pesky moral qualms to deal with.

When is it acceptable to use some of the same data in separate papers?  I think the correct move, and best career move, in the example would be to do two more studies: One with the new patients and another meta-study with both groups.

Decline of immune system with aging may have a genetic cause I’ve been wondering when the genetic causes of aging would start being found. To me the best theory for aging remains genetic since with age there are fewer selection pressures to keep things working well. When there’s no reason for the maintenance crew to care, things start falling apart.

The Puzzling Pre-FOMC Announcement “Drift”  In my opinion the drift is simply people trying to front run the next round of easing, which has been nearly constant for the last decade, and instant in response to any negative event.

It’s Legal In China To Produce Counterfeit US Currency  Cool! I just put the finishing touches on my retirement plan.  Things could get tricky since the metals are worth more than the coins in some cases. Have to check out the pricing on my China trip.

HLA Associations in Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: EBV Status Matters  Have to admire the herpes family for their success, but hate them with a passion too.

You Can’t Introduce Any Decently Cool Product These Days Without Some Sore Loser Claiming Patent Infringement  Therefore, Apple is a sore loser.

Mutiny fear in Israeli army as religious Zionists gain influence  Makes me wonder about the possibility of a divided Israel or a civil war there. Hardliners have long since left the center behind. No matter how much dirty laundry their intelligence service collects on US politicians (the majority of their intel budget is spent in DC) they can still push things too far and eventually lose support.

Native American populations descend from three key migrations Without TV and internet people back then were apparently completely unable to sit still.

FOMC Minutes: Several Members noted “additional policy action could be warranted” if economy loses “momentum”  How much longer until they not only act Japanese but start speaking it too? Based on how they view their actions they will no doubt still insist they are speaking English.

I had been intending to post something about all the press Ray Dalio was getting being a negative sign. I guess I’m too late since it was reported they were down a few percent recently.


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