Seven? Manoa Waterfalls

I was reading Manoa : The Story of a Valley, and it lists seven waterfalls in Manoa Valley according to some old-timer. Most are easy enough to figure out but two remain a mystery to me.

  • Wai’ihiiki – Manoa Falls
  • Wai’ihinui – Aihualama Falls
  • Luaaulaia – Lua’alaea
  • Naniuapo
  • Wa’aloa – ??
  • Kahuwaiiki – ??
  • Waiakekua – Waiakeakua

The list seems to be ordered Ewa to Diamond Head. Possibly Kahuwaiiki is one of the lower falls on what is now known as Waiakeakua. Since Aihualama was counted and it’s not that big, there could be quite a few possibilities. On the topo maps the stream that connects with Manoa stream between Manoa Falls and Luaalaea looks promising, but doesn’t fit the apparent ordering of the list. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Seven? Manoa Waterfalls

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