Pseudo Random News and Comment

Yes, College Essays Are Ruining Our Economy But the difficulty with brevity is that you have to know what you are trying to say.

Sit Down or Stand Up?  Someday the solution will be that your robot will also be your desk and it will randomly change position or make you chase it around the room, while threatening to delete all your files or send obscene messages to all your contacts.

Demographic Time Bomb  Just give me the names of the 2 people I’m supporting and I’ll take care of it, one way or another.

Forget China’s Goal-Seeked GDP Tonight; This Is The Chart That Keeps The PBOC Up At Night  A bushel basket of assumptions behind the chart but still worth a look.

China’s retail sales increased by 13.7% yoy in June 2012, better than estimate  and China is probably doing worse than the headline GDP growth suggests The positive side of the coin and the negative. The perception of the man on the street suggests inflation is higher than officially reported so it’s the usual manipulation of GDP deflators. .

China’s industrial production grew by 9.5% yoy, while electricity output growth is flat  Clearly another burst of energy efficiency.  Probably stealth factories making stealth fighters using stealth power or something like that.

Keep a food journal, don’t skip meals and avoid going out to lunch if you want to lose weight  What’s a quick way to tell you are overeating? You stop keeping a food journal only a few days after starting. Or you won’t even start one because you’re afraid of what it will show.

Quantifying and Tracing Information Cascades in Swarms  This almost has to be somehow applicable to the markets but not so easy to find a measure of the relevant variables, other than correlations between component stocks in an index. Still reveals little about timing though it could reveal when people are taking leave of their senses.

Lying Liars Who Believe Those Lies  Perfectly timed to coincide with the JPM conference call.

Bradley Wiggins: I can never dope because it would cost me everything  He should stop talking. Still psychological distancing and hypotheticals rather than outright denial.

West Nile virus infections reported in Athens suburb  I guess hoping this wouldn’t spread was a little unrealistic. WNV doesn’t treat transplant patients very well.

People born in the fall more likely to survive to 100 Nailed it!! Thanks Mom and Dad.

For THE Woman: Are you Busy at Work, but Still Bored?

The Journey, Part IV: Long-Term Transition   Great insight into maximizing an edge in long-term trading.

Guest Post: Immigration: Cui Bono ?  Racism in disguise. What a load of tripe. Land, Labor and Capital are the inputs to any productive process. If you add more labor and nobody can make productive use of it, is that the labor’s fault? I don’t think so. Far more likely all the constraints I listed in the income inequality post. Second, for all the social safety net countries with worsening demographics the only way that Ponzi scheme is going to keep working is with new entrants, i.e. immigrants. Third, people become prettier with more race mixing, while the inbred racists are left with their ugly sisters. That alone is a good enough reason for me.

In Case You Missed It: PandoMonthly with Elon Musk  Well worth your time.


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