Pseudo Random News and Comment

Tall, dark and stable  Wobbly furniture leads to a desire for emotional stability.  Along with many other studies showing seemingly insignificant environmental details impact your thinking and feeling, this provides even more evidence of the importance of looking at every aspect of your daily environment to help maintain the best attitude and results.

Energy Metabolism during Repeated Sets of Leg Press Exercise Leading to Failure or Not  No fuel, no go? Someday they may figure out fatigue but not yet.

Minocycline Modulates Human Social Decision-Making: Possible Impact of Microglia on Personality-Oriented Social Behaviors I can’t wait to find out all the things glial cells do. Their promotion from mere scaffolding continues its progress.

A Mind-Reading Helmet to Catch Criminals and Enemies! Or Not  Despite the lack of science behind these things they seem to always get a lot of funding from various agencies. But I suppose it’s still a step up from ESP.

There’s nothing new about uncertainty  I’m guessing the Black Death induced some uncertainty too.

Study suggests changes in rotator cuff surgery rehabilitation needed  Though I’m generally in favor of getting moving as soon as possible this does make me wonder how much science was really behind the get moving and get out of the hospital shift, and how much was the advent of DRG-based reimbursement which made rapid discharge the only way to make money.

Google Charts You Can Trust  Interesting stuff even if it’s already been rendered useless.

How Google Street View is inspiring new photography  Art debates always crack me up. Art is all in how you look at it, whatever it may be.

Indifferent cats in amateur porn  Google Reader put this on my recommended item list. Assuming the list is based on the habits of the blogs I read I can only assume The Reformed Broker is somehow responsible.


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