Pseudo Random News and Comment

Waiting for direction  Nicely sums up the current market conditions. I have no feel at all for the moment, except that something fairly big is likely to happen by early next year. I’m taking a trip in September so that would be a good time.

How do the 1% Win in a Democracy?  Interesting theory for apparently irrational voting patterns.

Spy Software Aims to Corral Money Mules  Management headaches are the same even in illegal businesses. Also highlights the power of markets regardless of context.

Study reveals true picture of preventable deaths in hospitals  I would love to see a random sample of these charts to see if I agree on what is preventable. Somehow I doubt what makes it into the chart is telling the whole story. That most of the preventable ones were in patients who weren’t expected to live more than six months is evidence of neglect and being unconsciously written off. At least I hope it’s unconscious.

Tracking apps might not help recover stolen devices  Nice Samsung PR.

A new target in acute myeloid leukemia  Someday these new targets will add up to something. Hopefully very soon.

S&P 500 Index at Inflection Points  Long term chart of the 70’s rerun.

Helper T cells, not killer T cells, might be responsible for clearing hepatitis A infection  Seems like everything in the body is multitasking.

Humphrey Hawkins  Summer 2007 analogue is still looking good, or bad – depending on your time frame and directional bias.

Poor sleep may age your brain  I’ve been saying I need to get more sleep for almost a year. I may actually do it now.

First Insight into the Kinome of Human Regulatory T Cells Potentially very useful in transplantation where functional tolerance remains the holy grail.

Why on Earth Did Marissa Mayer Say Yes to Yahoo?  I have no idea. But they’ve had 5 CEOs in 5 years so worst case in one year you get a golden parachute. I’m not even sure you need to show up for that job in order to come out pretty well. Nobody would be surprised if it goes down the toilet regardless, so it’s not like it’s a résumé killer either.

Scientists discover dendritic cells key to activating human immune responses The red-headed step child of the immune system strikes again.

When you run fast, your brain runs faster Maybe just imagining running fast can do the same thing….hmm, my initial trial seems promising.

Self-Compassion Fosters Mental Health  So beating yourself up over mistakes isn’t going to help.

It’s Useful to Actually Plan  Reading this, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

How a Self-Taught 12-Year-Old Turned Spartz Media Into a Viral Media Titan  Though clearly an exceptional case, I can’t help wondering how much damage traditional schooling really does.


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