Pseudo Random News and Comment

More bad news for the out of shape: Endurance training cuts lipid-induced insulin resistance, Exercise can shield the aging brain, studies show and one I’ve long suspected – Prevalence of gout increases with increasing BMI

First snow leopards collared in Afghanistan  But if the drone pilots don’t get the feed the leopards will quickly be killed in drone strikes and labeled enemy combatants.

Darwin awards are no joke. Mostly the Big-Brained Survive

What the hell is going on at HSBC?  Same thing as at every other big bank. WF/Wachovia for example. As some banking experts said, drug money kept the banking system afloat as virtually the only source of deposits during the 2008 crisis. I have no doubt it’s still the case. They are great bank customers – used to paying very high fees for laundering so big banks probably seem charitable in comparison.

Mind-blowing numbers on how much effort is going into destroying the free flow of information. Google Builds Largest Database of Links to Pirated Media

China’s off-balance sheet lending explosion  US remains leading exporter of foolish financial innovation. I’m so old I remember when ‘off balance sheet’ was called fraud.

Faster, Deeper, Better: The Impact of Sniffing Modulation on Bulbar Olfactory Processing  When scientists display a South Park sense of humor I just have to link to it. Also useful if you’re trying to figure out where that smell is coming from.

Mothers who give birth to large infants at increased risk for breast cancer Not much you can do about it other than enhanced screening. Maybe send the kids a bill for it too.

Memantine drug shown to improve memory in those with Down syndrome Interesting connection.

Why does the week before your vacation seem longer when you’re going far away? Another way to manipulate decision-making. If you worry too much about your upcoming dental appointment, imagine it’s on Venus.

Kapow! The Net Gets a Bat Signal for Fighting Government and Hollywood Bad Guys  Maybe injecting some goofiness will help turn the tide.

Concerted Perturbation Observed in a Hub Network in Alzheimer’s Disease  Interesting but I’m not sure how useful it is other than diagnostic potential.

So painfully true –

Simplify.  Some good advice. Getting outside is often overlooked and very effective in improving your outlook.

For the trading version see here.


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