Pseudo Random News and Comment

China’s house prices stabilise in June  Update on the housing scene in China. No real evidence one way or the other.

Private sector is not the saviour of the Chinese economy Having looted the SOEs to the limits of their ability, to me it’s more likely the efforts to attract foreign capital are just an attempt to lure more sheep to be fleeced. Particularly when combined with efforts to increase financial opacity. A swindler’s wet dream.

FDA Spies On Whistleblowers’ Personal Information … then Uses It to Smear Whistleblowers of Faulty Medical Devices  The nail that sticks up gets pounded down. Most people take that into account and don’t say anything, so the true scope of the problem is undoubtedly far bigger than it appears. Unfortunately, societies tend to oscillate between conditions that are conducive to trust and those that aren’t, and we’re on the wrong end of that teeter totter for the time being. Carve out your own small area of trust within the rampant criminality around you.

Are Big Banks Criminal Enterprises? Makes quite an astonishing resume when applying for la cosa nostra openings.

Moss Sperm Smells Sweet Enough for Sex  Smells like flowers. Should I be jealous?  Moss walks into a florist shop, “Hey, it smells like sex in here.”

AIA: Architecture Billings Index shows “drop in design activity” in June  It’s still not a stock I’d want to own.

Employment-Population Ratio and Stocks Over the Intermediate Term As usual, another one bites the dust.

Which are the laziest countries on earth?  US isn’t even best in the world at doing nothing. I hardly thought that possible.

If you aren’t yet convinced to start exercising here’s more reason – Regular physical activity may help ward off dementia years later   …but there may be a small out Does Thinking Really Hard Burn More Calories?

Do dolphins use nonlinear mathematics?  Evolution accomplishes so many amazing things. Maybe I should pray to it.

Experimental evidence for the mantle plume hypothesis: X-rays used to illuminate the origin of volcanic hotspots  The Hawaii hotspot has meandered over time too, so this seems like a pretty good theory.

The New Public Ivies  So many ramifications of this trend and no sign anyone is addressing any of them.


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