Pseudo Random News and Comment

Stupid hippies #1 Study finds ‘caffeinated’ Oregon coast waters

Stupid hippies #2  Study reveals harmful effects of compact fluorescent light bulbs to skin All emit UVA and UVB…and there’s that mercury thing too.

Oral immunotherapy shows promise as treatment for children with egg allergy  Adults may be SOL

Justice Department Sues Telecom for Challenging National Security Letter  Kafka couldn’t write it any better than this.

The Bitter Truth about Morality: Virtue, Not Vice, Makes a Bland Beverage Taste Nice  More on the reversible directionality of emotions.

Patent Office Releases Rules To Let Third Parties Provide Documents To Help Reject Patent Applications Shocker – a real attempt at damage mitigation. We can’t expect them to voluntarily close up shop but this is a decent move in the right direction. Maybe I will devote all my free time to killing off patents.

Stimulating the brain through touch  A vote for DIY in learning.

Viruses’ copying mechanism demystified, opening the door to new vaccine strategies  If it really is a unique copying method it’s great news. Should be fairly hard to evolve around too.

Words of Wisdom by the late Barton Biggs

Actions of the ruling elite in a nutshell: Power and Moral Hypocrisy

China’s big 4 banks doubled lending in first half of July  No doubt due to a sudden, dramatic surge in credit-worthy projects so it’s guaranteed to end well.

Blood condition is highly predictive of graft failure in pediatric kidney transplant  Low albumin, even for a short period of time.

“China Rebalancing Has Begun”; What are the Global Implications? Michael Pettis on China Rebalancing, Chinese Price Deflation, and Spain Exit from Euro; Target 2 Revisited

Existing Home Sales “Unexpectedly” Fall  Only so many buyers, so a better Spring generally means a worse Summer.


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