Ka’au Crater

Climbing up waterfalls will be off the menu until I have some eye surgery and regain depth perception, so we took the ridge trail to Ka’au Crater this time. I last did this trail over twenty years ago with my father, when he was in his mid-60’s. I have newfound respect for him after doing it again with a few years under my belt. I realize now how much he was trying to impress me on that hike.

When we were kids he took the family on a hike and tried a shortcut that went totally wrong. He kept telling us, “it’s only another quarter-mile” for almost 6 miles. Years later, on the way back from Ka’au crater that day I finally got my revenge. I told him the same thing countless times as he struggled down the mountain with a painful knee, using a walking stick I’d cut from a guava tree.

The trail isn’t that well-known, but there are certainly many more people on the trail now than there were 20 years ago. Due to a number of houses built over that time, access to the trail is now next to some mailboxes on the left side at the end of Waiomao Road. As usual, located by the obligatory no trespassing sign.

View of the crater.

It was a little muddy.


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