Pseudo Random News and Comment

Analysing Humanly Generated Random Number Sequences: A Pattern-Based Approach  Very cool human hacking. Applicable to fraud detection, password cracking, and probably negotiations or auctions.  Also uses a measure that’s similar to a path efficiency indicator I use in the stock market.

Bortezomib ups response, survival in multiple myeloma  Still only around 30% but even that is a big improvement.

NCBI ROFL: Why you should choose a clean-shaven surgeon. I thought everyone knew you can’t trust people with facial hair anyway.

Humans Blamed for Neanderthal Extinction  One way or another it had to be.

How Many People Use Twitter’s Own Apps?  Not that many apparently. Bad news for geeks.

Bespoke’s Global ETF Cheat Sheet  Very handy list.

Smelling the Rain  Wonderful piece on the science of that rain smell. Amazing how quickly it arises given the sources.

Mindfulness meditation reduces loneliness in older adults: study  Who needs friends when you are one with the universe?

Radar Logic: “Housing Still a Short”  Counter balance to all the bullish stories this year.

ATM Skimmers Get Wafer Thin Scary tech. Makes me very glad I never got addicted to ATMs or carrying cash.

Identifying Novel Drug Indications through Automated Reasoning  With drug pipelines running low and the easy stuff long gone this could be very helpful.

Middle-aged hit by surge of potentially fatal skin cancer  Malignant melanoma on the rise.

Skype No Longer Willing To Claim That Its Calls Are Untappable By Law Enforcement For everyone worried about the post-takeover Skype, it’s time to say “I told you so.”

IL-6 Indirectly Modulates the Induction of Glyceroneogenic Enzymes in Adipose Tissue during Exercise  Another link between exercise and immunity too.

Liars: It Takes One to Know One  Dunning-Kruger effect in lying. If you’re no good at it, you can’t ID someone who is.

What’s Driving China’s Real Estate Rally? Part 2


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