A Better Angel

A friend of mine wrote this recently, and gave permission to post it here. The news, especially recently, often makes the world appear far more dangerous and dreary than it really is, so it’s good to be reminded that humanity still has its redeeming qualities.

Last night I was blessed in being able to take a very nice lady to dinner.  Her name is Ms X, owner of a local restaurant XXXXXXXXXX.  On July 26, 2003 she was at the restaurant doing some gardening (with a screw driver of all things), when she heard gun shots. She got up and ran toward the gun fire.  As she rounded the corner, she saw someone stagger and fall into the street.  With no regard for her own safety she kept running toward him, though she had no idea if the shooting was over.  She said, “All I could think was I did not want that poor man to die alone.”  Thankfully, the blue car “with a home paint job” drove off.  Ms X dropped to her knees and didn’t know what to do. As she looked up, the street that just minutes before had been filled with pedestrians was now a ghost town, “like in the old westerns”.  She looked up at a nearby window where people were yelling instructions, “Get away!”, “Don’t let him get up!”, “He’s bleeding!”, but none came out to help. She looked down at her blue, blood-soaked overalls and knew she had to do something.  She thought of a bowling ball (no reference to his bald head), and put her finger in the bullet hole in his back to slow the bleeding. She held him down until the police finally deemed the area safe and the ambulance was allowed to enter.  The actions of one woman, not wanting a stranger to die alone, saved a father, brother, son, nephew, partner, and friend.  A thank you card didn’t quite seem adequate….


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