Pseudo Random News and Comment

Fed strives to replenish depleted toolkit  This puts me very close to tears with the sheer stubborn stupidity it reflects. Economists make a very useful distinction between real and nominal numbers, but then completely ignore it when making their policy prescriptions. If nominal numbers were a measure of wealth Zimbabwe would be the richest nation in the world. It obviously isn’t, yet the illusion of higher nominal numbers is the only one ever offered.

Similar sentiments using a fabulous analogy: The Bernanke Cargo Cult: Bankrupt Policy for a Bankrupt Generation

Our Brains See Men as Whole and Women as Parts  I thought it was the other way around: Women are holes, men are just a part. Whatever, since it’s our brains’ fault it’s A-OK and nothing can be done about it anyway.

Rapamycin effective in mouse model of inherited heart disease and muscular dystrophies  If these stories keep up, I’m going to have to watch my inventory to make sure THE Woman isn’t dipping into it for her own use.

Concentrated Interest  A good rebuttal to the Obama confusion about parasites and hosts.

Researchers study vaccine as potential weapon against aggressive brain tumors  I’m guessing it will turn out better than most simply because the study design doesn’t involve use of chemotherapy during the study. Too many immunotherapy studies blast the bone marrow with chemo and then unsurprisingly find the vaccine in question doesn’t work very well.

Primate Status Battles “Surely, once you’ve taken the blue pill you can’t go back, but it’s not obvious to me that many unhappy humans would have had a better life as a happy pig.”  Viewed with sufficient detachment I’d say many already are living that life, since little in their lives gives evidence of advanced consciousness.

Housing Data “Surprises” to Downside (Permits, Starts & Completions)  Other than the smell I think those are very much dead cats bouncing.

Nine Financiers  The perils of speculation, uncertainty, and maybe psychological instability.

Researchers find a clue to how life turned left  Left-moleculed but mostly right-handed. Got it half right at least.

In Vitro Expanded Stem Cells from the Developing Retina Fail to Generate Photoreceptors but Differentiate into Myelinating Oligodendrocytes  Good thing there are no restrictions on stem cell research. Oh, wait, maybe there are.


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