Pseudo Random News and Comment

Latest Visa Fraud  This is so close to the usual card fraud department script it’s hard to tell the difference. The best way to deal with it is always assume the worst, say I’m busy, I’ll call you back, and then call the number on your card.

‘What?’ Confused 911 caller outs NYPD spying in NJ  I believe someone is supposed to say “if you aren’t doing something wrong you have nothing to worry about”, predicated on the belief that any powers granted would never be exceeded. WRONG.

If you passed your boards with a D+, and can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job  Things are obviously looking up for recent law grads.

Truth In Erroring: IETF Proposal Includes New 451 Censorship Error Code  Good idea. Doing otherwise is fraudulent. Bound to be resistance to the idea because if people know what’s going on they might get upset.

Pop music has become louder, less original: study finds  Bring back the 60’s.

Immunosuppressant switch cuts skin cancer post-transplant  Sirolimus continues to show good results.

Untreated heartburn may raise risk for esophageal cancer, study says

How the FBI sees the psychopath  Doesn’t inspire much confidence, and I didn’t have much to start with.

In Battle For Your Files, Google Drive Gets a Jump on Dropbox  Dropbox could be another Facebook if they really hurry.

The US Is Not Japan Or Your Average Stagnation: It Is Much Worse One of the uglier charts I’ve seen, though I think much of the Japanese advantage comes from counting bridges to nowhere as productivity in GDP and they’ve done more of that sort of waste per capita than the US, so far.

Bullish Sentiment Increases From Multi-Year Lows  Interesting chart, could be interpreted as supporting either bulls or bears.

Bo Xilai’s wife charged with Neil Heywood murder  It’s official now. Their son, Bo Guagua, seems to also be implicated in business dealings with Heywood and got a name change in the official media, which I think means he shouldn’t come home any time soon.

Toddlers object when people break the rules  Obviously wears off for many in adulthood.

Zoledronate Inhibits Ischemia-Induced Neovascularization by Impairing the Mobilization and Function of Endothelial Progenitor Cells  Another reason to avoid bisphosphanates if possible.

What if the RMB were to fall?  It’s seeming more likely all the time and politicians would be in a bind since they would then have to reverse course and advocate what they previously condemned. On second thought, for politicians that’s no problem whatsoever.

I always like unusual indicators that have some rational basis. This one is pretty good: Chart: “Rubbish” indicator points to sharp slowdown in US economic activities

Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity  Way cool. Sort of a metabolic set point. Also explains why I can do 10 hour bike rides but then become inert for a couple of days.

Your Fetus Is an Alien Nice summary of the battle between mother and fetus. So many responses and counter-responses it’s pretty amazing a truce has ever been reached.

Having numbers helps. 10% chance of stroke short-term after TIA or other warning event. Stroke prevention – the simple truth

Greek deposits outflow continued to be elevated in June  Looks like toast to me.

Skin Bacteria Are Your Friends I was waiting for this. Anti-bacterial soap is bad not just because of breeding resistant strains.


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