Pseudo Random News and Comment

Strong Partnerships Fuel Curiosity  Curiosity can be dangerous. Some measure of security makes it safer and easier.

What if the Sell in May Crowd is Coming Back?  It’s got to go up to blow up. It’s not uncommon for breadth to make lower highs and lower lows, then make a higher high before the market exhausts and rolls over. It’s my best guess at the moment, consistent with the 2007 Summer-early fall rally scenario. Psychology is also similar since markets are similarly ignoring the obvious.

The Basics of Owning Bonds Good overview. If too many people get interested in bonds I’m going to have to conclude the bear market in stocks is almost over.

Hallucinating body flowers  One way to keep the golden years more interesting.

Even Usain Bolt can’t beat greyhounds, cheetahs… or pronghorn antelope Hummingbirds do 200 watts/kg. Makes even a fully juiced Lance look pathetic.

NSA Chief Tells Hackers His Agency Doesn’t Create Dossiers on All Americans Interesting use of language, not at all inconsistent with the natural urge of even pathological liars to avoid outright lies, and the nature of the agency.

Alex Day Sells Half A Million Songs By Breaking All The ‘Rules’ More proof record companies are dead and don’t yet know it.

How Does the Stock Market Work?  Most concise explanation yet. I guess I’ll skip writing that book.

Vino’ wins the Olympic Gold in road cycling. Preliminary, pending dope control results, and endless appeals, of course.


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