Pseudo Random News and Comment

Your Body Influences Your Preferences  Good summary of subtle influences on decision-making. Left handed people are odd for a reason.

You Are (Probably) Wrong About You  The difficulty of getting good feedback about you from yourself. Unfortunately, a very unreliable source.

Ye Shiwen’s world record Olympic swim ‘disturbing’, says top US coach  Just because she was the second fastest man in history.

A better judge of character with oxytocin nasal spray?  So many effects, perhaps best explained as a consequence of the state of mind induced.

The perils and pitfalls of “patient-driven” clinical research  The only good answer is increased knowledge, which will eventually make the use of statistical approaches unnecessary.

College makes you believe in marriage! But belief isn’t always reflected in actions.  My explanation is divorce is expensive and the well-to-do have more to lose.

Tagging and Tracking Espionage Botnets  Your tax dollars at work, spying on you. Interesting interview.

Real GDP Per Capita: Another Perspective on the Economy I always want to see the private sector contribution only. At any rate, as long as this isn’t going up, any recovery is going to be largely illusory.

Weekend edition: Car Dealers A piece on everyone’s least respected profession. I hate dealing with them so I don’t buy cars more than once a decade, and even then only as a last resort.

The Non-Linearity of Leadership Competence The cutoff given for competent management seems about right to me. Once in a while you can find one in a company with 250-300 employees but they are soon driven away.

Another reversal of cause and effect in human emotions. Grin and bear it — smiling facilitates stress recovery

Charting The Diminishing Multiple Expansion Benefits Of Fed Action  Economics is ultimately a function of human nature, so while you shouldn’t fight the Fed, they can’t fight human nature for long either.


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