Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Main Driver of GDP Growth: A Strong Rule of Law  Must read. The prognosis isn’t good at the moment.

This Is What 670 Million People Without Power Look Like: Pictures From A Blacked Out India  Exposing a possible flaw in government-run economies. Anyone tried to call support today?

Unnatural Selection: Muscles, Genes and Genetic Cheats Gene doping in athletes. Needing muscle biopsy to have any chance of detecting some forms means effective testing is never going to happen.

High Trans-Fat Diet Predicts Aggression  I thought alcohol intake was the best predictor.

Fake Irises Fool Scanners  Just like in the movies!

Blind Mice Temporarily Regain Vision After Chemical Injection   Very interesting sidestepping of cellular problems with a liquid substitute.

You want that? Well I want it, too! The neuroscience of mimetic desire Food is also subject to this, as THE Woman and I often show.

NCBI ROFL: Having kids makes men see themselves in random children. Evolution takes a statistics course and prevents disinvestment, just in case.

HPV test beats pap long-term: study  HPV status a better long-run predictor.

China hits back at ‘biased’ critics of Ye Shiwen’s Olympic triumph  Pretty amusing. The suspicious word choices of dopers are the same in translated Chinese.

Sirolimus Induced Phosphaturia is Not Caused by Inhibition of Renal Apical Sodium Phosphate Cotransporters  I guess that explains why my phosphorus is always low.

A Systematic Review of Comparative Efficacy of Treatments and Controls for Depression  Doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you do something. Hardly an argument for expensive drugs with plentiful side effects.

Who Is That Masked Man? Google adds important feature to to liven up business video conferencing.

“Greyjing”? Air Pollution Fouls Beijing’s Name  Could be an incredible place. Instead it’s often like a scene from a dystopian sci-fi horror flick.

Human papilloma virus with Epstein Barr virus: Two-virus link to prostate cancer  Don’t recall any reports of dual virus cancer, but there are bound to be others. Some are so common it may be difficult to find a link due to lack of adequate controls.


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