Pseudo Random News and Comment

Malware in BIOS stirs concern at Black Hat meet  Rather painful to fix too.

Older Dads Give Good Telomeres, But Longevity? Not So Much I was hoping to keep using this sales pitch for a while.

5 Ways You Can Combat High Frequency And Algorithmic Trading  Some good strategies for coping. Adapt or die.

Cybersecurity Act Rejected By The Senate  One small battle, but not the war, is won.

Are those the gut microbes of an unhealthy person, or a pregnant one? Immunologically there’s not that much difference. Both pathogens and fetuses are foreign invaders.

Why Great Olympic Feats Raise Suspicions  Because if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying, and these people are trying very, very hard.  Unfortunately all the biological passports/performance profiles really do is encourage more consistent, low-level doping to maintain consistent lab results, and the onus is then on testing to catch them. Unfortunately, testing is always a step behind.

Homing in on a potential pre-quake signal  Too many false positives will result for it to really succeed.

Lone Shooters and Body Armor  Interesting way of looking at it, but there are a number of weapons/ammo available which will readily penetrate commercially available body armor, even without teflon coating or other hacking.

For sperm, faster isn’t always better: New study uncovers a reproduction conundrum  Arms races can lead to unpredictable results, and sperm wars are probably the longest running arms races around.

Female spiders produce mating plugs to prevent unwanted sex from males  …so she cock blocks you and then she eats you. Pity the male spider.

Italy outlaws ‘you don’t have the balls’  I don’t think anyone said it to Berlusconi.

Bats Incredible: The Mystery of Rabies Survivorship Deepens  A virus that causes behavior modification in humans is always interesting, even without the survivability question.

Role of High-Fat Diet in Stress Response of Drosophila  I always have a serious fat craving when I’m sick or stressed. Now I can use the excuse of it being adaptive.

Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing  Long-term follow-up on recurrence rates between the two treatments would be very interesting.


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