Pseudo Random News and Comment

I really wasn’t feeling interested in anything today, but somehow the world barfed up some stuff I couldn’t resist.

Whether you care about the subject of HFT or not, these are some of the prettiest charts around. Nanex: Speed Kills

Knight Rises – Algo Crushed Firm Has Secured Line Of Financing WSJ Reports I’ve made some stupid loans in my time, to friends no less, and lost a large chunk of my net worth, but even I wouldn’t loan money to someone playing Russian roulette.

Continuing the Russian roulette theme, a look at a mean reversion strategy. A Critique of’s VXX/XIV Strategy  Adding leverage could obviously improve returns to LTCM levels.

Money Market Funds Could they get the runs again?

Keynesian Economics  Would be even funnier if this wasn’t exactly what proponents suggest. I wonder how Krugman would feel if someone bulldozed his house and claimed he was increasing aggregate demand?

Anaemia, Haemoglobin Level and Cause-Specific Mortality in People with and without Diabetes  Soon to cause more debate over appropriate levels of correction. The patients prior healthy baseline would most likely be the best but the ancient history data isn’t available for many patients.

Predatory beetles eavesdrop on ants’ chemical conversations to find best egg-laying sites Hackers everywhere.

Bites from Vampire Bats Might Protect People against Rabies  Some teens might go for this vaccine program but probably not a lot of profit to be made.

Floating Rate Structured Repackaged Asset-Backed Trust Securities Certificates, Series 2005-2  Title says it all. If anyone pitches something like that, laugh at the scumbag and run away.

Study: Many Americans die with ‘virtually no financial assets’  So they have obviously executed the perfect financial plan, right?

Some reasons why science often proceeds one death at a time: The Mind in Cancer: Low Quality Evidence from a High-Impact Journal


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