Pseudo Random News and Comment

Even a pessimist like me was surprised by the consistency. This Is What A Global Slowdown Looks Like

Negative rates as a precursor to the death of banking The spread between long and short end is also a problem. No point in loaning money for 1-2% return – unless you lever up like mad and bet the farm!

Strong Market, Weak Breadth Something I’ve had my eye on for a while. Generally the last move up in a cyclical bull occurs with diverging breadth. Fall 2007 was a great example.

See-through-wall surveillance with WiFi shown at UCL MIght be possible to hack some routers to create ghosts or jamming signals.

The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns  Mostly corresponds to previous genital blood flow studies. Always an interesting topic. The explanation for heterosexual women is overlooks competition between women for the most desirable mate as an alternative explanation. Or maybe that’s just my male fantasy thrusting itself into the debate.

NCBI ROFL: Seasonal Variation in Internet Keyword Searches: A Proxy Assessment of Sex Mating Behaviors.  But what causes the variations?

Exercise Training Prevents Oxidative Stress and Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Overactivity and Reverse Skeletal Muscle Atrophy in Heart Failure  I’ve always assumed exercise increases oxidative stress but that may be only during the exercise, while the response may be protective the rest of the time.

Hemoglobin A1c Levels and Aortic Arterial Stiffness: The Cardiometabolic Risk in Chinese (CRC) Study  Where’s my stem cell trial?

Excellent piece on the inner workings of accounting control fraud banksters: The Con Game Of Writing Up Assets

The Naked and the TED A nice evisceration of TED. In its early days there were a number of interesting speakers, with actual, stimulating ideas. The technocrat bias, or fatal conceit as Hayek termed it, as well as the relentless dumbing down inherent in producing so much content, has made it worthless.

Richemont: waiting for the bullet  A spectacular demonstration than money can’t buy taste (though it could rent the taste of someone else if it had a little self-awareness).

Not Swearing  …as a means of improving self-control. I agree many people swear so much it’s totally lost its meaning and utility.

China to let British diplomats attend trial of Bo Xilai’s wife Somewhat surprising but hard to tell whether it means anything about the nature of the trial itself.



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