Pseudo Random News and Comment

120 intelligent cars warn each other in the test  “Idiot on board! Idiot on board!”

George Washington: Is America the World’s Largest Sponsor of Terrorism? Vladimir Putin said some years ago that almost all terrorism is sponsored by the superpowers. Probably one of the few honest things he’s said.

Tale of Two Charts: S&P500 and Russell 2000  When investors want more safety, they always move into big caps. That doesn’t necessarily mean their worries are warranted.

Exeter physicist bends light waves on surfboards  An invisible surfboard could make surfers look less like seals and thrown the sharks off their trail. Great gift for the stoner who has everything.

Lifting malaria’s deadly veil: mystery solved in quest for vaccine  If would be wonderful if it were true for once. It seems like every six months there is another breakthrough which never pans out. Perhaps breakthrough simply refers to publishing something that secures more funding, rather than anything medical.

Guest Post: US Citizens Pay Attention To This A little good news on the banking front.

Creatine aids women in outmuscling major depression But it can cause bloating, which could be rather depressing too.

Olympic Physics: Swimming, Power and Setting Records With good estimates for drag it would be possible to tell who is putting out inhuman performances, just like in cycling. Unfortunately this doesn’t do that.

The Bubble’s Essence Belief is an interesting thing. In the case of bubbles, I suspect it’s more a case of letting one agent in the brain take precedence over another, or over a more broadly based decision process, leading to a belief that prices can only go one direction. Hope and desire influence many systems in the brain.

Scans of Hoarders’ Brains Reveal Why They Never De-Clutter  There is a decision bias of over-valuing things once in your possession. With hoarders that system may be in overdrive. Does minimalism indicate you will be a better investor?


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