Pseudo Random News and Comment

How Not to Become Mat Honan: A Short Primer on Online Security  There are no guarantees, but there’s no point in making it easy for someone.

I normally don’t link to the WSJ due to their paywall but this snippet is too priceless to ignore: Fitch: High Ratings Unlikely for Rental Securities  Securities based on residential rent payments. Wow! A gaggle of slow paying, check bouncing units can be transformed into low risk, high return securities through the magic of Wall St alchemy.

What is Driving Investors? Hint: Many Things  Good list of factors. But where are they being driven? I’d rather know the destination than the mode of transport.

Pettis: The Chinese rebound will be short  The bear case. Nice dead cat bounce graphic too.

Demonoid Operators Face Criminal Investigation in Mexico  Uncle Sam turns the screw in more countries. He’s really become that creepy uncle you tell the kids to avoid.

Understanding Someone’s Inner Logic Good piece on perspective.

Chart: ageing and economic growth – the case of Japan  Probably the biggest negative for China as well. US too if more serious attempts are made to stop immigration.

NCBI ROFL: Surprise surprise, sarcasm is hard to communicate via email.  Blogs too. I should probably use <sarcasm></sarcasm> more often.



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