Pseudo Random News and Comment

Olympic Sex Sponsorship: Athletes Get In Trouble For Using Non-Sponsor Condoms  Based on the numbers, apparently the debate over abstinence and athletic performance has been completely settled. BTW, who is the official doping sponsor? I think you only test positive if you use another brand.

Housing Doubters Must Now Contend With Data But if Wall St is rolling out these new flim flam housing vehicles at the bottom, what manner of hell spawn will they be issuing at the next top?

On Wall Street Crime Pays – A 350% IRR To Be Exact  Rather than doing more housing vehicles maybe they should do some based on their criminal ventures. I’m all in if they come out with a TBTF money laundering product.

ZIRP carries significant costs for US households But nobody in charge of policy cares about that, either due to complete indifference or because of complete ignorance. So suck it up, whiners.

Retail Investors and the Stock Market  If retail had truly given up on stocks there would also be far fewer mutual funds and ETFs than there are now.

Bo Xilai’s son submits witness statement to murder trial of his mother Exposing business dealings by Guagua is the most likely threat to him from Heywood.

Gu Kailai trial: concern in China grows over transparency of murder case I didn’t realize anyone was expecting transparency. Where do they think they are? in a secret US terrorist court?

Don’t get greedy  Sums it up nicely. Also a good time to plan exactly what will lead you to exit the market, while there’s still time to think clearly.

Why do older adults display more positive emotion? It might have to do with what they’re looking at  Like Monty Python sang, “Always look on the bright side of life.” In this case it’s “at” the bright side of life. Or, in my case, it helps to simply not be able to see very well. Or your mind is so shot you just don’t know any better. Or…

Deceiving with data  That the example is from economics is both hilarious and spirit-crushing.


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