Pseudo Random News and Comment

I generally don’t put much stock in conspiracy theories simply because I don’t think conspiracies are needed when people with similar goals act on them, but this is making me rethink that simplistic position. In pursuing nefarious goals, why leave anything to chance? FBI Monitored Dotcom Raid Via Live Video Link, Secret Govt Group Involved

Court: Feds Can Spy On Americans Without Warrants With No Legal Repurcussions  A little late in the week for such mind-bending logic but stunning legal minds are at work here.

Moral Relativism and Patriotism as Weapons of the State  After the first 2 links, it seems like a good spot for this one.

High-risk heterosexuals should take HIV prevention pill, too  ..and then their unsuspecting partners, and then another layer of partners and then soon everybody will be on the list.

Beck Needs Your Help To Hear To His Next Release, An Album Of Sheet Music  College music departments and some bands wanting to break through on Youtube will be busy. Not sure about anyone else.

‘Selfish’ DNA in animal mitochondria offers possible tool to study aging  Whenever I read stories like this I’m always reminded of when I first realized we are composed of individual cells. Being a non-conformist, I immediately wondered why they would want to work together. In so many ways it turns out they don’t. I feel so cool.

Hack Yourself! Explore the World of Self-Made Cyborgs  I think I’ll wait until something more useful is available.

The Housing Bottom and the Unemployment Rate  Like every other indicator, it works great until it doesn’t.

What Lurks In Logs  Real logs, not the computerized version. Fungus is keeping me alive so I kind of like it.

The 8 Reasons That Day Trading Is Like A One Night Stand …and these days, sooner or later something very bad will happen.

Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think  Rethinking how pain happens, and keeps happening.

China economy: staring down the bottomless pit  Highlights the confusion of a measurement with what it’s supposed to measure. GDP is supposed to measure economic activity. To most this should be productive activity, rather than digging holes and filling them back up, which is the essence of every stimulus plan.

Problem in Europe is Arithmetic, Not Confidence; Why the Eurozone Cannot Possibly Survive Intact  One of a number of things the market is studiously ignoring. China is another. Somebody has to go in the Eurozone. If the PIIGS don’t exit, Germany (and the Northern countries) will.


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