Pseudo Random News and Comment

How to Get Doping Out of Sports  I doubt this can really succeed because the more successful the anti-doping tests become the more benefit there is to be gained from doping. Testing may become good enough to allow a clean rider a shot in some events, by reducing the advantage from several percent to less than 1%, and this may already be the case. But the longer the event, like the Tour de France, the less chance there is because that extra fraction has more chances to prove its superiority. JV also finally comes clean about his doping too. Duh.

Real estate speculators in Wenzhou of China are facing negative equity  I kinda think if people flee town they are worried about more than a repo.

People’s Bank of China did NOT cut RRR over the weekend  It’s a world turned upside down when commies are more reluctant to interfere with the market process than the supposed capitalists.

True or False: Illustrations Make Information More Believable  According to the researchers, it stimulates your brain to produce “pseudoevidence.”  A perfect description of how most people apply technical analysis in the stock market!

The Disappearing Market  Real or pseudo-evidence?

Why are people overconfident so often? It helps gain status and power. Explains a lot of arrogant idiots.

Facebook Is Crumbling  Maybe they should start selling pet rocks to boost sales.

Crouching tiger, hidden profit  Banking on more of the same. Still building ghost towns, displacing thousands to recreate a historical town, and other boondoggles. It’s also not clear to me the central government could stop it at the local level even if they really had the desire.

Protective bacteria in the infant gut have resourceful way of helping babies break down breast milk  Getting by with a little help from our friends.

Human-on-human sex  Putting a date on the last time humans really got out of the house to meet someone new.

Oriental Medicine: a Tall Tale of Outdated Lore  Interesting history of one branch of ignorant BS.

Why Copyright & Patent Laws Go Against How We Create  From the maker of Everything is a Remix. Which is a must watch.


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