Pseudo Random News and Comment

Cryptocat Not the blessing it appears.

You could be sick … but probably not  Some people just like to think they are, or might be.

Institutions Scream Ahead Of Imminent Death Of Money Markets  It’s crunch time in the push to move you from the frying pan into the fire.

House Prices and a Foreclosure Supply Shock  Supply and demand in the housing market. I never thought shadow inventory was that important. Banks don’t want to sell what they have because that means recognizing the loss. They’d be happy to hold it for decades to get out above water, and on an individual level no manager wants to be the guy that “decided” to book a big loss.

Powerful uncle of North Korea leader in China to talk business Hopefully, for the people of North Korea, Junior isn’t satisfied being King of Shit Mountain like Dad was and would rather rule a prosperous country.

Chiropractic Strokes Again: An Update  My father called them quackypractors for a reason.

Smartphone apps warning after 16 hill walkers get lost  I don’t understand how people can trust a gizmo that much. Downloading too much of your brain to your palm isn’t a good idea in some situations.

Minding the Chastity Belts: Fiduciary Duties and 900 Pound Lemmings  Excellent piece on fiduciary duty and financial advisers. I’m not sure many of them could spell it, let alone adhere to it.

Quetiapine, an Atypical Antipsychotic, Is Protective against Autoimmune-Mediated Demyelination by Inhibiting Effector T Cell Proliferation An odd connection that caught my eye.

Team deciphers retina’s neural code for brain communication to create novel prosthetic retinal device for blind  Pretty damn cool. I just hope my new retinas don’t start thinking they can do HFT trading algorithms too, because they will know all my account passwords.

TSA Racial Profiling May Hide Larger Constitutional Problem Quotas again. There are always quotas in government. Without profit and loss there is no other way to measure success and get a bigger budget.

Charting The Lost Generation Of Investors  If you need something to do, adjust the chart for demographic shifts. That would be more revealing.

Consuming flavanol-rich cocoa may enhance brain function  It’s been a while since I’ve found a reason to eat more chocolate. Maybe because I haven’t eaten as much recently.

High-risk HPV present in subset of penile carcinomas Are any insurance companies paying for male vaccination yet?

Trapwire surveillance system exposed in document leak  Orwell strikes again.

Genetic factors identified in female sexual dysfunction  I don’t see anything about the spouse as a factor. I have a strange hunch that might be important.

How to Spot – and Defeat – Disruption on the Internet  Interesting list. Not all of it is coordinated, but we already know much of it is.

Humans: Still The Weakest Link In The Security Chain …and arrogant enough to keep acting like we aren’t.

Julian Assange will be granted asylum, says official  Hopefully it’s true.

You Probably Have Too Much Stuff (via Abnormal Returns) A very helpful reminder, and I admit I need to get rid of even more. Next month.


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