Pseudo Random News and Comment

Housing bottoming? Then where are the buyers?  Mortgage applications not following the script. But, since Americans are such big savers, maybe it’s all cash buyers!

Universal Music Uses Bogus DMCA Claim To Take Down Negative Review Of Drake’s Album Decent publicity move since now I have to listen to it to see if the review was correct, though I doubt that was the reason for the take down. Dumb laws create even more idiotic results.

China’s copper inventory rebounded to record level Risk on! Crank up the leveraged loan, shadow banking, house of cards money machine again!

West Nile virus kills 17 in Texas, sickens hundreds  Where’s a good drought when you need one? I may need to get a mosquito death ray soon.

Giving to charity: Why do we donate more money to individuals when they are members of a group?  A case for selfish altruism –  favorably viewed cohesive groups are more likely to be able to return the favor at some point.

Benefits unclear for 1st versus 2nd generation antipsychotics I have an uncontrollable urge to link to these stories.

Most People Who Take Blood Pressure Medication Possibly Shouldn’t Drug companies are always trying to expand the use of drugs but I have little doubt the research will be used by insurance companies to deny coverage to subsets of patients where the drugs do have significant benefit.

Babies may not have a ‘moral compass’ after all: New research casts doubt on landmark 2007 study  Babies are self-centered, manipulative, evil resource diverters so this wouldn’t be surprising. But this study seems to have been designed to negate the effect more than neutralize confounding variables.

FTY720 Protects Cardiac Microvessels of Diabetes: A Critical Role of S1P1/3 in Diabetic Heart Disease  Speaking of expanding use, FTY720 hasn’t panned out that well as an immunosuppressant so they’re stretching to find another use. Even if it has positive cardiac effects, I doubt the side effects would be worth it.

The Tenuous Case for Swaps Clearinghouses  Like deposit insurance they are most likely to fail when you need it the most.

Eggs and Atherosclerosis  Retrospective and based on surveys – about diet? I think I’ll eat some scrambled eggs and worry about something else.

What Your Neural Stem Cells Aren’t Telling You I love this stuff. Communication between brain cells seems to get more complex all the time.


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