Pseudo Random News and Comment

Standing up for exercise: should deconditioning be medicalized? If it’s the only way to get it more widely recognized it may have to be.

The Cycling Physiology of Miguel Indurain 14 years after Retirement. Less than 4 watts/kg at threshold, which puts him Cat 4 to low Cat 3 in US cycling terms. Makes his great leap up in results in the early 90’s all the more suspect. Though to be fair, if he just got back to his racing weight he’d jump to 4.5 watts/kg at threshold.

The resurgence of the low down payment market – The number of FHA insured loans has doubled from Q2 of 2007 to Q2 of 2012. Why not just skip all the intermediate phases and go straight to the “no money at all” program – zero interest, zero down, and zero monthly payments. That should get a bubble reflated.

UK Threatened to Raid Embassy to Get Assange, According to Ecuador  Par for the course these days.

Julian Assange asylum offer leads UK and Ecuador into diplomatic row 
Ecuador Grants Assange’s Request for Asylum, Defying UK Threats 
Conflict Brewing Between UK And Ecuador As Latin American Country Agrees To Grant Asylum To Assange  In most cases the 2 countries would have already reached some agreement before the decision was made, but in this case it doesn’t seem that likely, so Assange may be there a while.

Brain’s Drain: Neuroscientists Discover Cranial Cleansing System  More efficient than was assumed.

Spiteful behavior is ‘extreme’, according to study  Most resist the urge but those that give in do it with gusto.

Visual Adaptation to Thin and Fat Bodies Transfers across Identity Putting some experimental evidence behind the long popular belief that body image is subject to social modification.

Resistance to dementia may run in the family  This really seems like nothing but survivorship bias to me.

Court: If Violating Your Privacy Helps The Police, It’s Not Violating Your Privacy  Another victory for the legal theory that administrative convenience trumps all.

Study suggests potential hurdle to universal flu vaccine development may be overcome  Defeating a pandemic before it has even evolved would be very cool.

The Sentinel Case – Another Nail In The Coffin Of ‘Market Confidence’ For many years my father would only hold actual stock certificates. He finally gave up and went mostly mutual funds as Wall St made it increasingly difficult. He may have been right all along because this isn’t just a problem for futures accounts, no matter what the regulators and regulations say.

Ötzi – more Neandertal than the average bear  Hippies didn’t invent free love after all.

PayPal Founder Backs Synthetic Meat Printing Company  Meat Whiz. Probably be proprietary printer cartridges just like regular printers, and the refilled ones will jam all the time too.

Brain scans don’t lie about age: Timing of brain maturation is more tightly controlled than previously known  Implies a large genetic component to aging.

New CDC recommendations on hepatitis C screening  Took long enough.

Punishing Cheaters Promotes the Evolution of Cooperation Since cooperation between strangers all over the globe is vital to the modern civilization the fact that none of the world powers are doing this anymore is one of the biggest dangers facing society.

This Makes Me Want To Fight Someone: Dear America, You Cannot Possibly Be This Dumb  I’m not holding my breath, even though this example is one of the most brazen admissions of fraudulent intent I’ve seen.

Sleep Supports Selective Retention of Associative Memories Based on Relevance for Future Utilization  Memory consolidation isn’t passive. Get some sleep before you forget why you should!!!

A brief lesson in economics: Demand is unlimited. If sales are low, either the price is too high or the wrong thing is being produced.


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