Pseudo Random News and Comment

Progressive Comes Tumbl-ing Down  Dump Progressive if you use them. A class action suit seeking the refund of all premiums paid for under/uninsured coverage might be fun for current policy holders too.

Twitter to Client Developers: Drop Dead This is what prompted me to put Twitter on suicide watch.

Behold The Fed’s Takeover Of The Bond Market  This can never be unwound. The size of economic rebound necessary to absorb the substantial increase in interest rates it would entail will never happen. Not that it’s not theoretically possible, just not in a socialist economy.

Muddy Waters Throws Too Much Mud at New Oriental  But on the other hand, how do you know a Chinese company is fraudulent? If it’s publicly traded.  This handy rule may become invalid someday in the distant future but it’s a long way off. I don’t think anyone would say they’re better than the US and just think about what a ridiculously low hurdle that is.

Central Bankers like to say bubbles can’t be predicted or identified until they bust but this simple measure from the UK is a good rebuttal – House prices rise three times faster than wages over a decade

People with few assets less likely to plan for end-of-life health care Reversing cause and effect. People that don’t plan end up with few assets.

Seeing red (wine): Another retraction for Dipak Das, making count 13  If this keeps up there may be another recession simply because of the death of all the goofy products associated with his research.

West Nile Virus: The Stranger That Came To Stay  WNV scares me. It isn’t nice to transplant patients.

The Verdict Is In: Facebook is Not Google  Nice chart comparing a fad to a business.

Molecular code cracked This could be big, but as always the problem may be that everything has multiple functions in the body so fixing one thing may break something else.


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