Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Scams are Getting Dumber and So Are You  Another example of using self-selection, as explained here: Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria? The more idiotic the pitch, the more likely you will succeed in fleecing the respondents.

Julian Assange case: Ecuador pushes for neighbours’ support  I’m getting the feeling that he’s going to end up being sold down the river, as evidenced by all the diplomatic BS here: Julian Assange extradition: Ecuador ‘willing to co-operate’ with Britain  A deal will be made to eliminate the problem, one way or another. Honestly, what country could you trust in such a situation? I can’t think of one.

NCBI ROFL: Could watching porn before working out improve men’s weightlifting performance? A follow-up to earlier studies that showed increased testosterone. I always felt I did better when confined to the indoor bike trainer if I watched either bike race videos or porn.

China new home prices rose in 49 cities in July  Some part(s) of the government is obviously not following through on their stated policy.

How We Choose One over Another: Predicting Trial-by-Trial Preference Decision Another blow to free will. Even though none of these methods are 100% accurate, which reserves a role for conscious choice, it merely moves the debate to another level, since conscious choice is almost certainly a product of still other unconscious processes.

Sure, We Can Build a Better Toilet. But Will People Use It? Interesting piece on the difficulties of imposed solutions.

Effects of Handedness on Visual Sensitivity in Perihand Space  Lefties aren’t simply a mirror image of those inferior right-handers.

The Pioneer Anomaly Is Solved  There were some pretty outlandish theories over the years, but the truth is quite ordinary.

Salmon and Taleb on the Investment Biz  I think talent is necessary for success in either field, but luck is also a prerequisite. Wrong place and/or wrong time and talent won’t guarantee anything. I think Taleb’s “lucky fool” overstates the case to a degree, but it’s also impossible to show we aren’t all lucky fools, succeeding through luck despite all our rationalizations..


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