Pseudo Random News and Comment

If you thought you had it bad, check out these poor sods – Italy’s tax hunters target super-rich and their yachts off the Sardinian coast

Strange but true: science’s most improbable research The research on promotions has been pretty consistent. Random is better most of the time. There are 2 possible conclusions: 1) Supervisors aren’t promoting based on reliable measures 2) Supervisors aren’t hiring for performance. I favor the latter theory.

New world record set at mobile-phone throwing contest  101.46 meters. Sounds beatable with the right phone.

Credibility Loss  Since 2000. #4 is every once-great money manager, which means they were all nothing but bull market geniuses and Taleb is doing a victory dance.

The one crucial graph that shows why we haven’t gone back into recession ZIRP has allowed low rate refinancing to prop up disposable income. But at the cost of destroying pensions, pensioners, promoting malinvestment (100% socialized housing market for starters), leaving assets in weak hands, and forcing banks to become 100% hedge funds since there is not enough margin on their traditional borrow short-lend long craps game. What could go wrong with that?

Attitudes Towards Sex Are Changing As in the markets, some of the survey results are likely not reflected in actions. My attitude has remained roughly constant: More is better.

God as a drug: The rise of American megachurches  Add some psychedelic drugs and it will really get hopping.

Julian Assange takes aim at United States as row deepens  The moral high ground is an admirable place to be, but not very safe. Would martyrdom work in the West?

Eric Falkenstein – The Missing Risk Premium. Looks interesting for the mathematically inclined. I think it’s a topic that deserves more coverage. Maybe Santa will bring me a copy.


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