Pseudo Random News and Comment

Buffett’s Alpha Link to an interesting paper analyzing Buffett’s performance. Though I’ve long felt he’s a rare bull market genius with enough sense and humility to avoid disaster from believing the hype, I think this study is a little perverse. If I invented a method of market timing based on the average number of strings in celery stalks, beat the world for 30 years, and then some academics came along and said when they back out the effect of celery stalks and leverage I’m worthless, what does that really mean? It means if you take away someone’s edge, they have no edge. Congratulations, that’s f’ing brilliant.

Are People Being Thrown In Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views? I’m almost too chicken to link to this, so I’m certainly not going to comment on it.

Even A Few Years Of Music Training Benefits The Brain  A small victory for the Tiger Moms, though it’s not really what they’re aiming at, which in most cases is vicarious success and something they can brag about to their friends. But since the friends are all doing the same it’s a vicious cycle and soon everyone has exceeded reality and started to lie again, in which case you may as well lie from the start and skip being a bitch to your kids.

What Do You Do When There is No Best Dataset? A follow-up on pregnancy and rape statistics  A look at the estimates on estimates on estimates in coming up with numbers for pregnancies from rape. I’m guessing the rate is actually slightly higher than normal though there will never be a precise answer.

China chart pack  Rare to see such consistency in economic charts. Not sure whether it’s because they are all fabricated numbers and people are very bad at faking data, or things are really going to hell in a very broad-based hand basket.

Resting heart rate predicts overall, cardiovascular mortality  Now I’m even more glad mine has dropped 10+ bpm since I discontinued CNI.

Thinking and choosing in the brain: Researchers study over 300 lesion patients Further refinement in localizing functions.

Azathioprine may benefit pediatric atopic dermatitis  It’s been a long time since I read about AZA but the way I remember it there are both direct and indirect effects that promote skin cancer, so this cure may be worse than the disease.

Stock Bear Looming? The long-term bear case. Worth a read for a reminder of the big picture.


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