Pseudo Random News and Comment

Menopause evolved to prevent competition between mother and daughter-in-law, researchers say  Yeah, my first thought was something about trailer trash too, but it’s actually much more reasonable.

Debunking The Myth That The Internet Generation Doesn’t Buy Or Read Books  Surprising numbers for a generation I’d assumed couldn’t read or comprehend complete sentences.

“I’m Not Fighting or Battling Cancer—It’s Fighting Me.” Unpublished Hitchens. Though blogging is a weak and partial attempt at immortality for me, I have to admit in the end nothing could be written that would ever do justice to the loss of a life.

AIA: Architecture Billings Index Downturn Moderates as Negative Conditions Continue in July  Not a lower low on the chart this time.

Five “Neglects” in Risk Management  A concise, very handy list of fatal mistakes.

Forget iPad Mini – Tencent Has Just Released a Mega Tablet  I’ve been playing around with micro-house designs lately and was thinking they would need some kind of large, yet compact, TV substitute for watching movies, so this looks pretty cool.

FOMC Minutes: Discussion of policy tools the FOMC “might employ”  Too bad eBay has shut down the hexes, spells and potions section because these clowns really could use some additions to their toolkit of baseless superstitions.

Antibiotics Might Be Fueling Obesity Epidemic  Doubly good since sickness is an effective means of weight loss too.

Huey Long may have been wrong about voting, but when it comes to sperm early and often is better for reproductive success. Older Fathers Pass On More Mutations To Children  …and apparently you should get your fat ass in shape too: Thinking about kids? Men need to shed the kilos

Poll: Americans Like the TSA  If you put up with something there is a tendency to psychological diminish its unpleasantness, whether a job, an abusive spouse, or the TSA. Plus many people just like being told what to do by an authority figure.

New Documents Show That Feds Share License Plate Scanning Data With Insurance Firms

Using science to catch a cheat  If they get the test approved and test stored samples from previous competitions I think the results would be hilarious, and pervasive.

First evidence from humans on how alcohol may boost risk of cancer  Tomorrow’s headlines today: College causes cancer!

Unou House / Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates  Moving picture frames make life an evolving work of art.


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