Pseudo Random News and Comment

Malware can take ugly leap forward to virtual machines Too bad legit apps still can’t do this very well.

How does body temperature reset the biological clock?  Must be an application to jet lag in here somewhere.

U.S. Government Planned Indefinite Detention of Citizens and Other “Post-9/11 Realities” LONG BEFORE 9/11  Patience is a virtue, even for evil.

How to Spot a Scoundrel Fairly simple recognition of repeated patterns

Twitter ‘agrees to block fake Indian PM accounts’  The backbone-ectomy is continuing.

New insights into why humans are more susceptible to cancer and other diseases DNA methylation gets the finger of blame.

A Survey of the FDA’s AERS Database Regarding Muscle and Tendon Adverse Events Linked to the Statin Drug Class  The better it works, the worse it is. Which is what I tend to suspect with nearly every medication. Almost by definition you are messing with homeostasis, which should be expected to have negative consequences somewhere.

Confidence in Emotion Perception in Point-Light Displays Varies with the Ability to Perceive Own Emotions  Not what I would have guessed. Even if you are out of touch with your own emotions you can still accurately detect the emotions of others – but will have no confidence in your judgment. Some interesting trading implications.

Low HDL cholesterol ups risk of diabetic nephropathy  Interesting there was no link to retinopathy since nephropathy and retinopathy are generally part of a package deal.

Inappropriateness of Medication Prescriptions to Elderly Patients in the Primary Care Setting: A Systematic Review  20%!  Not that surprising for the cynic, but still appalling.

Self-awareness in humans is more complex, diffuse than previously thought  Emergent property fans rejoice.

Retraction number five for management professor Ulrich Lichtenthaler  I think REM is coming out of retirement to do a new song, “Everybody Lies.”

What Percent Are You?  If you have to know, here’s your chance.


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