Pseudo Random News and Comment

Index of Lance Armstrong doping allegations over the years  Quite an impressive list. Lance Armstrong drops fight against doping charges This round anyway. He’s almost certain to keep fighting despite what he’s said. He said the same thing before lawyering up and trying to get the USADA arbitration tossed out. But this analysis makes a good case he’ll really let it drop. Lance Armstrong Loses (Almost) Everything

Why One SEC Commissioner Spoiled The Fed And Treasury’s Plan For Money Market Capital Controls: In His Words  But, like the terminator, they’ll be back. Too much benefit to the banks in executing the competition.

Cuckolded males sing louder  Interesting benefits of retaliatory cheating. Females can never win that competition, as long as they leave it to nature. Lorena Bobbitt pointed out at least one flaw in the strategy.

Google URL Takedown Requests Up 100% In a Month, Up 1137% On 2011  DMCA created such a handy censorship tool.

When Was The Last Time Your Stock Went Up 1000% In One Day?  What can you say about that period? Truly one for the ages, so out of their minds that people are still trying to find the next tulip even after getting the stuffing beat out of them at least twice for doing exactly that.

The Only Way Out for China “Real reforms must involve changing the role of the government. Any reform that doesn’t focus on this is bound to fail.” I think that’s pretty much the issue everywhere.

South Korean plant compound researcher faked email addresses so he could review his own studies  He thought they were good, but was smart enough to suggest improvements too.

Busting Out of the Box  A lot of what I’ve written is in some way about this idea.

Along those lines, a good piece from AR: A broader definition of alpha  “If the goal of investing is to live a richer, fuller life…”  A lot of people lose sight of that goal. Keeping it in mind opens so many possibilities for “investments.”

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People  Embracing the statistical truth.


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