Pseudo Random News and Comment

Wait a minute, whom are we supposed to disarm? Police: All Empire State shooting victims were wounded by officers  To anyone familiar with shooting statistics this should come as no surprise since cops shoot the wrong person the vast majority of the time, private citizens the opposite.

Samsung Routed In Apple Patent Fight; Told To Pay $1.05 Billion  The Apple – Samsung verdict again illustrates the inability of the justice system to deal with matters of science and technology. The reason is primarily that laws are passed governing areas which are not in the broad public interest and consequently delve into subjects so alien the average man that there is no possible way to find a jury of peers. Apple invented nothing new, neither did Samsung. A perfect place for jury nullification if jurors were informed of that option.

John Cusack & Jonathan Turley on Obama’s Constitution  Long but interesting interview on the non-constitution.

NCBI ROFL: The sexual histories of Catholic priests.  Wow, they’re still human.

When-if Ever-Was Cycling Drug-Free? Never, but EPO was a game changer. First used by itself before testing evolved, then as an adjunct for autologous blood doping to allow intense training to be sustained despite donation blood for storage and future use. Pre-EPO riders could win clean, though relatively few tried. Post EPO it was impossible.

Catch-em Is Raising $50K to Jump to the US, but Are We Ready for Big Brother?  I can’t imagine cops are looking forward to this any more than I am. Police are already notorious for misallocating resources, even without this tidal wave of whining citizen complaints about minor infractions and assholery.


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