Pseudo Random News and Comment

Fake Review Factory, Redux  I assume the rates are lower now. Globalization.

How many Twitter followers do they really have?  I feel a little better about the world knowing Lady Gaga doesn’t have quite as many followers as claimed.

How Warren Buffett is Different from Most Investors, Part 1  Few people have the patience to do the same thing for decade after decade, especially when some of those decades aren’t as good as others..

Sex in China: Q&A with author Richard Burger  To an American the level of ignorance about sex remains astounding, though the internet should fix that fairly quickly, if it’s not censored.

Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, dies at age 82  Almost wish he could have at least been taken out by an asteroid in the backyard or something.

Are Bernanke’s Fingerprints All Over Equity Indices?  Of course. He has billions of dollars of fingerprints.

a Body of Evidence?  Not about Madonna. 2007/2012 analogue holding up quite well, and in line with what I’m expecting based on current indicators.

House D / Pauhof Architekten  Interesting house in a great setting


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