Pseudo Random News and Comment

Apple/Samsung Jurors Admit They Finished Quickly By Ignoring Prior Art & Other Key Factors  Now their decision makes much more sense. Party time at Samsung.

Shocking Revelation: It Isn’t The Phone That’s Dangerous; It’s The Driver  Interesting list of associated behaviors, which basically describes every teen driver and some other stereotypical categories.

Which Asset Classes Are Most Vulnerable To ‘Policy’ Disappointment?  Interesting attempt to quantify how much of the economy is already priced in.

Variations on a theme. What does it mean? I don’t know, I’m hungry.

Eat smarter, don’t work out harder?

The Hidden Truths about Calories 

Sudden death less likely in exercise related cardiac arrests

Super glue: Tests show that adhesive could improve safety of lasik eye surgery Would have been great in old Crazy Glue commercials if some of the later surgical uses had been included.

Zebra fish point the way towards new therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  Still a very big leap from an unusual model to clinical practice.

Lack of sleep found to be a new risk factor for aggressive breast cancers  Only 400 participants and sleep length was self reported, so take it with a shaker of salt, but still an interesting link if it holds up.

How Long Do You Want to Live? (via TBP) This kind of thinking mystifies me. I want to be immortal. If I get sick of it I can always kill myself, so why give up the option? It’s far better than getting to 90 and realizing it’s not so bad after it’s too late.

The heritability of impulse control  A lot of hard to control variables in this, as with all nature vs nurture studies, but some of you may be doomed to a lack of success by your genes…unless you use your illusory free will to change your equally illusory self.

How to Learn in Your Sleep  It may actually work in some circumstances. However, if sleep is in part to consolidate and integrate new memories, and processing capacity is limited, why would you want to burden your brain with new stuff while it’s so burdened with trying to figure out what to do with older stuff that it has made you take a break from [full] consciousness? There’s apt to be a cost.

New Real Estate Train Wreck Coming: Securitized Rentals  Good piece on the foolishness of rental securitization I mentioned before.

If even Krugman figured this out, you know it must be pretty freaking obvious. Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong

The Armstrong fallout: Thoughts and theories  Excellent summary and analysis of the PR-induced debate. Lance also never fought L’Equipe in court over the EPO positives, which was the only good proof previously made public.


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