Pseudo Random News and Comment

After a tweet yesterday from @FloatPath that the right-handed live 9 years longer than left-handed people on average, I had to do some more research to see if I should radically overhaul my calendar. The conclusion: “After Cohen’s original study sparked a wave of interest in the subject, multiple more recent studies have found no corroborating data to support his claims.”  I feel so much better now.

Left Handedness and Increased Mortality – Is there a link?

For diabetics, a steady job is good for your health   I think beyond financial considerations, good blood sugar control is a matter of minimizing variables with set routines, and a job may promote a regimented lifestyle. In return you may get more of it, so I guess that’s the upside. But I’m still not going to get one.

Chocolate: A sweet method for stroke prevention in men?  No mention of which candy company sponsored this, but I’m going to assume it’s totally unbiased and definitive.

Experimental Low-Calorie Diet Gets Puzzling Results in Monkeys  More details, and confusion, on the CR diet. Age made a difference and I’ve read elsewhere that how the caloric restriction is implemented makes a difference in adults – the slower the better. I’m doing it so slowly it’s often undetectable other than in my mind. See also NYT Severe Diet Doesn’t Prolong Life, at Least in Monkeys  – which mentions a 5′ 9″, 130 lb MD who, not surprisingly, is a believer despite the latest results.

Young Children Consider Merit when Sharing Resources with Others Consistent with the cheat as much as you can get away with principle.

Yet another tick-borne illness emerges in U.S.  Yippee!

Is This The Fed’s Secret Weapon?  Heaven help us all if they resort to this. If they were actually omniscient enough to successfully implement it, they’d also be smart enough to have avoided the need. In fact, the same could be said of all their actions.

Morality for robots?  I think the best approach is harm minimization. If intelligent, autonomous robots are assumed, then the best approach is to be nice to them and hope they’re smart enough to recognize the benefits of doing the same in return.

What Happens To All That Digital Goodness You Have Purchased After You Die? This is really only a problem if you use the cloud and thus your transfers to heirs are monitored by the supposed content owners.

The TSA’s Infamous ‘Behavior Detection’ In Action: Mandatory ‘Chats’ About Every Detail Of Your Trip The closest I’ve come to a conversation with the TSA was when I asked the guy groping me if I could request a woman. He told me the rules prohibited that. I suggested he file a sex discrimination suit since he was clearly more qualified to grope a woman, and there must be a lot of women who are more qualified to grope men than he was. He smiled.

Would You Infect Yourself With Worms For Better Health?  My definition of civilization has long been the absence of internal parasites so it isn’t high on my list. If/when the science is there I’ll start considering it, but macro-critters are a big step up from bacteria.

Gun Control — on the Government’s Guns  The Empire State Building fiasco should make for a more receptive audience for this, but it probably won’t.

New intellectual testing regimen identifies ‘exceptional’ chimp  In the old, pre-PC, sense of the word. It’s bad enough there are Terminator analogues everywhere. Now it’s planet of the apes.

Strong female portrayals eliminate negative effects of violent media  Watching Haywire or Hanna is now scientifically approved. I hate these studies for a variety of reasons, most seriously because they have such inadequate controls and blinding is impossible, which means the results are most likely only a reflection of the investigators beliefs, biases, and funding sources.

Low Volume Is Nothing to Worry About Over medium to long time frames rallies have to be low volume. In the chart in this piece, bottoms have high volume, as many would expect, and the major top also has high volume. Therefore the only thing the other rallies can be is low volume. Get over it.


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