Pseudo Random News and Comment

Bo Guagua speaks up for disgraced father Bo Xilai  A true political animal, he claims to be unable to believe the allegations, despite the contents of an assortment of foreign accounts which are funding his lifestyle.

Ben Goldacre: What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe  More on the twisted world of published studies.

JPMorgan, Bank of America Forgive Debts that No Longer Exist; Wonderful News! But For Whom? If it didn’t come off the books post-bankruptcy why should it now? Since 2009 I think all banks’ financial statements are wishful thinking with numbers attached, facilitated by rule changes plus a wink and a nod from regulators. Might as well invest in China if you’re wiling to wade into that shark infested pool.

Analysis: Mark Zandi wrong about housing tax credit But please tell me cash for clunkers or refrigerators was a great idea.

Is The Money-Laundering Driven Real Estate “Boom” Ending?  Offshore money is definitely a huge factor in some markets, but overall I think this overstates the geographic case. But I’m not sure it’s overstated regarding the flood of money in general. For example – Addiction to central banks’ stimulus gets out of control

China’s Great Wall Of Suds: Chemical Spill Results In 50 Foot Foam Tsunami  Thankfully the air is still clean.

Canny Chinese Securities Firms  How much do people need to see before they come to their senses about investing in China? I think too many people convince themselves they’re smart enough to avoid that fate. But, it’s done to everyone – even the fraudsters themselves are routinely defrauded. It’s just considered all part of the game…Wall St will get [back] to the same point eventually.


Pseudo Random News and Comment

Guess Who Was The Biggest Beneficiary From The Fed’s POMO Bonanza Somewhat surprisingly, they play favorites among their favorites too. But it’s not at all surprising who is most favored.

The Strange Case of Bo Xilai  A nice summary of the case and implications.

The Structure of Mindful Brain  You might even be able to find markers of it in an autopsy, so it’s not all in your head, even if it’s almost all in your head.

What Eye Movements Can Tell about Theory of Mind in a Strategic Game  Never let a poker player wear sunglasses.

Individual Differences in Foraging Strategies of Parasitic Sabre-Tooth Blennies Evidently the Democratic and Republican parties have finally merged, renaming themselves parasitic sabre-tooth blennies.

Glucose Intolerance and the Amount of Visceral Adipose Tissue Contribute to an Increase in Circulating Triglyceride Concentrations in Caucasian Obese Females  Always thought there had to be some other significant variables influencing triglyceride levels since the usual suspects explain so little of the variations.

Killers on the loose: the deadly viruses that threaten human survival Know your enemy, their friends and fellow travelers.

Mediterranean Style Diet and 12-Year Incidence of Cardiovascular Diseases: The EPIC-NL Cohort Study  This should help muddy the waters, just like every other diet and disease study. Lately, I think diet is mostly important for the way it modifies the microbiome, and the rest of the supposed benefits are the result of underlying genetic differences in sub-populations.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai expelled from Communist party  Great example of the hypocrisy of Chinese justice since he’s also accused of “maintaining improper sexual relationships with several women,” which is part of the standard benefit package for officials.

US Military Classifies Wikileaks As ‘Enemy Of The United States’  Protecting our freedoms from evildoers. Truth, justice, extralegal executions, and the American Way.

New Indices for Predicting Glycaemic Variability  Potentially much more useful than simple HbA1c in predicting clinical outcomes.

What’s the Difference Between Life and Death?  More on what will be one of this century’s biggest ethical thickets. Also see The evolution of death for a look at the impact of technology on the definition of death.

Real Disposable Income Per Capita: The Recent Positive Trend Is Broken  The whole thrust of the BB brain plan is to make you feel better off anyway.

When big money chases rentals  …it ends the same as any other time when “money” and “chase” are used in the same sentence. Without increasing incomes it’s going to be a pretty short ride.

It Matters Whether You Live On A Street Or A Road  So the PO adding a St suffix on a street that never had one may have cost me 15% when I sold? Ouch.

Study ties early menopause to heart attack, stroke  Definitely a good place to procrastinate, despite your desire to eliminate the monthly bill.

Over 65s at increased risk of developing dementia with benzodiazepine  Big result since the stuff is handed out like candy.

Liver cells, insulin-producing cells, thymus can be grown in lymph nodes  I’d prefer to see long-term results to confirm there is an adequate supportive milieu.

What Student Loans Are Really Spent On  At least with the more creative recipients.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Bubble Formation And Bubble Bursting: A Flowchart So Simple Even An Economist Can Get It  It is simple, but that’s probably overly optimistic.

Max Pain – A Key Trading Concept The tangled flip-flopping web that traders weave.

The fault lies not with our stars, but with our brains. Why Our Brains Stick Their Heads in the Sand (Metaphorically) When We Hear Bad News

Three Peaks  Great long-term chart with three flavors of cycles.

NAR: Pending home sales index declined 2.6% in August  Must be bad when the NAR can’t even make it look good.

iNflation: Americans Spend Less On Food, Movies To Pay For Soaring Cell Phone Obsession  In the last 12 months I spent $214.00 on my dumbphone. I retired in my 40’s. There may be a causal connection.

Why QE Won’t Create Inflation Quite As Expected  There’s a lot of supply, but a lot of demand as well.

China’s rich feel property squeeze  Although the heroin trade is still strong, this might signal a good time to unload your million dollar doghouse in Vancouver, BC.

Red States = Teen Moms  That good ol’ fashioned religion has some interesting side effects.

Snoring without sleep apnea does not increase death or heart disease risk Great news for every last one of the women in my life, ever.

Chocolate makes snails smarter  What does eating snails that eat chocolate do?

What Are Punishment and Reputation for?  The winner is: What’s in it for me?

Parasite Stress Predicts Offspring Sex Ratio  Surprisingly, even a better predictor than cultural preferences. So getting rid of some parasites in rural China may do more to protect female infants than anything else.

Antioxidant may prevent, even cure, cataracts and other degenerative eye disorders  As usual, medicine is frustratingly late in providing things I need.

Male Microchimerism in the Human Female Brain  The one that made the headlines. Men are often accused of having women, or parts thereof, on the brain. Science has now proven it’s in fact the other way around. It will be very interesting to see if it results in any behavioral changes. Maybe more headaches…

Pseudo Random News and Comment

New Home Sales and Distressing Gap  But if distressed sales and existing are dominating the market, it could also mean new home prices are still too high.

Biologist discovers mammal with salamander-like regenerative abilities  Amphibians have been studied for years with little success. Finding a more similar example could speed up progress significantly.

Artificially intelligent game bots pass the Turing test on Turing’s centenary  But were they happy to win? Half the humans should be given a booby prize for being less human than a bot, and many of them would feel great about being so dull and uninteresting.

Exposure to snot-nosed kids ups severity of cold infections  Confirms what already seemed obvious about those annoying little vectors. They should be avoided like the plague, because they’ll probably give you that too.

Open Season on Salt: What the Science on Hypertension Really Shows  Not as simple as news reports make it seem. Certain sub-populations are most likely the main source of the reported risks, while the rest probably don’t need to worry about it much.

Google will be the First Trillion Dollar Company So many things flying under the radar at Google that have the potential to be huge. Just licensing fees on the driverless car technology could make them one of the largest automotive companies in the world.

Are 401k Investors Making a Mistake with Hybrid Funds?  I’ve long thought target date funds were a ridiculous idea since it’s an active approach based entirely on your parents’ mating decisions and nothing to do with what’s going on in the market.

Police Delete Aftermath Footage Of Suspect Shot 41 Times  What do you think would have happened if the guy refused to hand over his cellphone? How much harassment do you think he and everyone on his contact list will be getting from the local cops? What are the odds of the officer getting anything more than a short suspension? I suspect these are all questions with bleak answers. It’s SOP.

Cyborg Cockroach Wired for Search and Rescue  Cockroaches like those in The Fifth Element are finally nearing user-friendly reality. But if they come in the house, THE Woman will still make me kill them.

Sumatra quake was part of crustal plate breakup: Study shows huge jolt measured 8.7, ripped at least 4 faults  The big question is what comes next.

9 Reasons Everyone (Yes Even You) Should Learn To Trade  Great list of the benefits. But since trading is hard to define, how do you know you aren’t trading already?

Researchers make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging  Cool! More dope in the pipeline for masters racers.

Moderate Exercise Promotes Human RBC-NOS Activity, NO Production and Deformability through Akt Kinase Pathway  Some insight into how exercise works its magic on microvascular function.

Momentary Conscious Pairing Eliminates Unconscious-Stimulus Influences on Task Selection  How to derail environmental influences on decision-making. Important in so many areas, especially when other humans are working hard at creating new environments to influence you in offices, stores, websites – and especially markets.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Jazz Legend Jaco Pastorius Gives a 90 Minute Bass Lesson and Plays Live in Montreal (1982)  Decades ago when I wanted to be a professional bassist, Pastorius was my favorite. I’m not sure if seeing this back then would have inspired me or caused me to quit on the spot. His practice methods were almost identical to what I came up with myself (I liked to use Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns to force me to do unnatural acts), but I never had anything close to his level of natural talent, and this makes that quite clear.

El Nino may soon return: UN weather agency  But relatively weak.

How Awe Stops Your Clock  Also covers what components are needed for awe, and some downsides.

Millionaire Status Is Fleeting  As I told someone yesterday who asked for general investment advice, the most important thing you can do is not make big mistakes. Random ups and downs will tend to even out, but the serious screw ups are just too hard for blind luck to overcome.

Our Own Words Enchant Us Yet another reason asking someone about themselves is the best way to get them to like you.

Espionage Hackers Target ‘Watering Hole’ Sites  Damn crocodiles! Always interesting to see the parallels with genetically evolved strategies.

Best Evidence for Brain Training Falls Short  Specificity is the hallmark of good physical training, and the effects of mental training are looking to be equally specific, with no generalized improvements. But not likely to stop the industry from implying otherwise.

Tops, Bottoms and Middles  Middles are also troubling because of the pervasive desire to do something when there’s really nothing that should be done.

Boosting natural marijuana-like brain chemicals treats fragile X syndrome symptoms Fun to imagine how kids will be torturing this result to justify certain behaviors.

Waiting In Line For An iPhone 5…For No Reason  This kind of sheeple behavior is normally late stage mania, like right before the tortured witches start naming town leaders and the whole thing dies a quick death and everyone pretends it never happened.

Rent-To-Own Laptops Secretly Photographed Users Having Sex, FTC Says  THE Woman laughs at me for having a post-it note over the camera on my laptop. She probably won’t after reading this.

Doctors’ ‘gut feeling’ should not be ignored, study suggests  Experienced intuition passes another test.